“Illuminati Exposed” | Secrets Of The Planet Earth Revealed By Jordan Maxwell


“Illuminati Exposed” | Secrets Of The Planet Earth Revealed By Jordan Maxwell There is much information, dis-information, and conspiracy theory circulating the …


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  1. faisal young says:

    Can some Super I.T whizz people please help JM out. His websites have been hacked  by some Dolezal chap and is totally fucking up JM's life and finances and everything…..please donate or help in some way to his only legitimate website JORDANMAXWELLSHOW…….PLEASE AND THANK YOU. 

    [email protected]

    Please help him out someone, he is 74 and this criminal guy and his brother are destroying Jordans life. 

  2. Yes, and If you keep messing with Lucifer, I will bite you butt off..  I already destroyed all of Jordan's Records and I will remove you off of the Web.. Respect Me Lucifer…

  3. Yes, Losers like you are speaking against the true God of the Universe…Lucifer…the Illuminated One, Neo.. NWO… is the True New Matrix and you all will be removed you too Alex Jones. Alex, you better straighten out because you will pay!!!!

  4. Cat People are the
    Feline Race from Sirius such as Sekmet (lioness).

  5. Do Mexicans love illuminati?

  6. nortel says:

    i cant stand alex's voice…..

  7. Malia Maya says:

    Alex, can you let Mr.Maxwell explain. Gosh! Sorry but the frequent interruption is annoying!

  8. shimmyshy says:

    right lets say this illuminati is real and they work behind the scenes and control everything how would we the people go about stopping them they are so well hidden and protected

  9. ALEX! Use subtitles! I can't stand your voice! NAILS ON A CHALK BOARD! SCREECH! SCREECH! SCREECH!!! Who signs your checks anyway? You are CIA hired counter-intelligence, aren't you? You look like a nut! Make all conspiracy theorists look like nuts! But that was the point wasn't it? That and misinformation…

  10. bretcarr2001 says:

    elijah muhammad was correct>>>the caucasian race…genetically engineered human hybrid ape people >>>black hebrews israelites are neanderthal…the caucasian race…genetically engineered human hybrid chimp people>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCuhmnRXB-c

  11. LikaPyramid says:

    So it seems that alot of people in the comment section have some problems with the truth and exposing the nwo illuminati corruption and secret societies.

  12. Bill Otinger says:

    HEXAFLUORSILICIC ACID, Industrial Waste they just Re Name FLUORIDE Plugs up BRAIN NEURONS, its in Water Soft Drinks etc Used in Nerve Gas Bombs, Prozac etc Destroys ability to FEEL LOVE, see 35 Science Reports & 40 Video WARNING us at http://www.FluorideAlert.org, We have MILLIONS sitting in NURSING HOMES with NO MIND LEFT, All 4 of My Grand Parents had their MIND until they Died, BABYLON BAAL PRIEST started the Catholics google JESUIT OATH tells how to take over the World Also Compare it to PROTOCOLS ELDERS OF ZION

  13. Ariel Ramos says:

    Please do NOT get your Bible knowledge from these two clowns. Smh!!! They don't have a clue of what their talking about when it comes to the Bible. 

  14. where is the video where Jordan made a return?

  15. nmw fl says:

    Bs, maxwell is about thick and needs re educating.

  16. Tell me more says:

    the word Satan is from Hebrew origin, also goes back to more ancient cults. Satan in Hebrew is from the verb SATAH _ SOTAIH,, means wandered or got crazy or loose with no ethics or morals or out of order.same in Arabic – SHAYTAN from the verb SHATA – wandered, got crazy ot got loose with no morals or ethics,

  17. I feel there are anti-semitic vibes here.
    Please delete this video, or be ready to be reported to Youtube admins.

  18. Jordon Maxwell is a buffoon and the fact he could not handle the nasty comments just shows how thin skinned he is. He teaches a witches brew of MUMBO JUMBO.

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