Illuminati Freemasons Exposed – Music Movie Industry Mind Control Anti Christ Doc


In this video many issues in regards to the Illuminati/Freemasonry agenda are exposed. Their goals, methods etc. are looked into. The entertainment industry …


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  1. Leah Smith says:

    6:31 Mick Jagger is sitting next to Jimmy Saville, 80s icon in children's television, and the music industry. Now infamously known as a predatory paedophile

  2. black queen says:

    have NO fear he who deceive is a LIE!

  3. Andrew Alex says:

    Vigilant Citizen you have an audience awaiting your next video. The talent is abundant please educate Sir/Ms.

  4. no wonder why the freemasonry hate islam so much they know that's the real path to God

  5. 2trkpony says:

    Embedded *Disney* advertizement,, isn't it ironic? LOL

  6. Forrest Haze says:

    :27 seconds guy on left.

    What in the Fu** that Head size?????


  7. Glory Bound says:

    Sick people….. They need to read what the consequences are for this type of lunacy. Read the Book of Revelation in the Bible….. Satan is already defeated.

  8. What a pile of shit. These conspiracy theorists should get a life instead of spewing out crap like that.
    I am a 33 degree Mason and have been over 40 years in the Craft and can categorricaly tell you that video is a pile of crap.
    I invite anyone to join their local Masonic Lodge and find out for themselves. The only brainwashing is being done by the likes of the maker of this video who know's absolutely bugger all what he's talking about.
    Join your local Lodge. There is nothing secret about it. It's meetings are advertised in your local press and the Lodges are clearly identified in your community.
    Masonry offers a path from ignorance into knowledge, a path this video maker is clearly in need of.

  9. Sugar Hill says:

    This was an excellent video!!!!! ???????? Keep up the good work!

  10. Marco Ifang says:

    one of the most and the best post ever seen!

  11. bull shit. I'm still a free thinking person.

  12. Why won't anyone admit that Jewish Yetis run the vitamin supplement industry?

  13. Ryan Stewart says:

    When you start seeing and hearing all the hidden messages they use to brainwash people, it really changes the way you view the world.

  14. The Church of Satan is not called that by some people, but is the actual name of it. It wasn't ever a Christian church, but an atheist organization and sensationalist ploy which was likely created by illegitimate government agencies. Two former high level members admit to having been military PSYOP agents.

  15. completely backwards. Masons are not globalists. liberals are, the UN is, the EU is….

  16. Niamh Ryan says:

    Respect to youVigilant Citizen. bless you always. Thank you so very much

  17. FraserA1987 says:

    Funny how Islam is totally accurate with its prophecy and the elite directly attack Islam at every opportunity yet people wish to ignore this !

  18. Mia Bambina says:

    I'm confused. Is the vigilant citizen a muslim?

  19. I googled Crowley's book "The New Law of Man" with no results. I'm just a truthseeker and now I am not sure what to believe in this documentary because some of their sources seem incorrect or mismanaged. Any advice?

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