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  1. Clinton Beck says:


  2. Why did the Police stop looking for the Murders of Princess Diana, Dodi AlFayed, Jill Dando, Doctor kelly and Nurse Brenda Boyers, and a former police woman son and a Police Sgts daughter, and her boss a solicitor David Ditchburn, I will tell you why The Blairs and their ponce Stan Torso in the tank Henry, the murder of Angus Sibbet 1967. A Murder Michael Lavaglio and Denis Stafford got the blame for, with the help of the corrupt Police, bent copper Hafferty, who also covered up the murder known as The Torso in the Tank 1977, carried out by Stan Henry, George Tully, Bill Duncan, Alan Duncan and Ernie Clark according to Bob King eye witness, who told me it was Stan Henry being initiated by the Duncan brothers from South Shields two fantasists who fantasise about shakespearian connections in the Duncan Rite of Passage, The Blue Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry, covered up by Officers Micky Hafferty and Brian Mackenzie former adviser to law to Tony Blair the pedophile child abductor & long time customer of Stan Henry, who also arranged Murders for the Blairs, as well as supplying them and their inner circle with Infant Children for Sex and Sacrifice, his Son, Ian Henry MI5, MI6, CIA, Imports Guns and Drugs, & George Tully’s son Grant Tully, Alan Duncan & their gang, includes drivers Gary Pern, Norman Massey, Patrick Thompson, Albert Harding, Jeffery Verell and Rob MacKenzie also went on to murder my son, the gang involved paid weekly visits to Paris warehouses for booze and cigarettes, Guns & Drugs, travelling from Sunderland to Paris regularly, at times 3 white vans were being used at each murder, these scum, were in those white vans at the scene of the crimes, James Andanson told the Police he could not get near Diana, because of the white vans in front of him and in front of Diana and Dodis car, the one in front of Dodi he said had a motor bike strapped in and someone sitting on it shining the head light on main beam into Dodis car, that was Ian Henry, you can see the last photo taken was taken from a higher vantage point than a normal car, Andanson also said that their were paparazzi hanging onto straps taking photo and video to confirm the kill. The cameras used by some of them were burnt in a car at the back of a pub in Low fell, North East England, leased by gang member Jeffery Verrel and partner West indian Albert Harding who claims to be a friend of Paul Burrel, Jeff Verrel set fire to his own car & claimed the compensation for the cameras as well, local newspapers confirm the incident, Verrel is still walking free, he is a friend of Blair, Darling, Milburn, Mullen, David and Edward Milliband and Gordon Brown all members of the same Pedophile Ring, as these aforesaid mentioned other criminals that The Met have still to arrest, including Dave Pop star Pedophile and Annie Lennox ponces in the Music industry, also involved in Child Sacrifice at The Church Recording Studio Crouch End London, according to Eye Witnesses Valrie Alpin and Family, i have given you all the names of the ring leaders, i have named the ones who carried out the murders and the ones who covered up for the murders, all though they did try to arrest Blair on two occasions but were sent away with their tails between their legs, The Met have yet to follow up on any of these leads that i have sent them and spoken to them and the FBI about shortly after reading about the Murders. bent copper Micky Hafferty who stole my daughter Amy Hafferty & arranged for other children to be stolen from me via his niece Clair and her mother June & his wife Greta, who works as a probation officer after being sacked from the police force, after being caught committing adultery with Micky Hafferty, they later both got divorced and married to eachother, they run a pedophile ring operating out of Fulwell infant School Sunderland, the same school Alistair Darling sent his son James to, so a s to have a reason to visit the school and rape children who were also trafficked to Stan Henrys mansion half a mile away in Cleadon Village, & Brian MacKenzie,John Stevens, & insp Micky Hafferty covered up for their accomplices, and were promoted, Billy Blair QC quietly covered up all the murders with a 70 year press ban. my name is  Michael Boyers, if you want the whole story contact me [email protected]…m My Son was Murdered by, Ian Henry. Russell Bonnalie, Grant Tully, Patrick Thompson, Gary Pern, Albert Harding, Jeff Verrell, and Rob MacKenzie his step father, they ran him off the road, into a stone bridge at the entrance to the The Ramside Hall County Durham, the same gang involved in the murder of Jill Dando & Dr Kelly, Jill Dando was murdered by Ian Henry and Grant Tully's gang Norman Massey admitted to being a part of the murder for £2,000, he a chauffeur Drug dealer and ponce for the Blairs, Darlings, Milburns, Mullens, Browns and Milliband brothers all pedophiles involved with child rape and SRA at Fulwell Infant School Sunderland Tyne & Wear England and at Stan Torso in the Tank Henry's mansion, West House Cleadon Village East Boldon South Tyneside, half a mile from the school where Darlings son James was strategically placed, so as to give these pedophiles easy access, The Blairs are guilty of abducting Katharine Blair from my loins after they arranged a one night stand with cherie, who lied when she said she was getting divorced and had no children, Nurse Brenda Boyers gave Jill Dando, my DNA Evidence from when she was in Sydney, It also confirmed I am the father a famous Footballer now retired, my life story so far is on Youtube under the heading MEMWARS of Michael Boyers [email protected]…m

  3. we need to restart a new witch hunts, who agrees?

  4. No wonder in Bible:
    John 8:44 KJV – Ye are of your father the devil, and

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because. … When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  5. Cinthia 9 says:

    Very, very sad.

  6. SGTreport, thanks for the info great. Is there anyway that we could blow open the corpses from underneath the vatican

  7. I think this is why God made Hell and it's waiting for these people. Jeff, if you need some help rounding these people up I'm your man. Have a nice day,

  8. Watching the series by George Webb has connected so many dots for me.

  9. Remember Jews love you they love everyone

  10. This is not gonna stop. A Divine force has to intervene


  12. LiLBlossom says:

    Yes, just awesome work. This needs to be sent all over social media everywhere!!! Slowly these demons are truly being exposed!! Thank you Jesus!!

  13. 2 che says:

    wormwood is the cure to humanity's sickness

  14. eric ezaki says:

    Brussels has been taken over by muslims

  15. drumstick74 says:

    I'm a street artist and I agree that both murals in Belgium are what give street art a bad name. How depraved, sick and evil to make something like that and in view of the public! Imagine waking up each day, looking out of the window and seeing the murder victim mural…! It angers me that someone allowed and even condoned these ''art pieces''. When they are that big and detailed they had to be done by commission, meaning legal street art where 1) the owner accepted that is was done or 2) the owner of the building ordered /commissioned the work to be done, and paid some lowlife to paint it.
    Elaborate junk art, in my opinion.


  17. mark says:

    your fckn sick get some help cunt!

  18. although this is horrible to behold, and you can't unsee what you've watched in these videos, we cannot hide our heads in the sand.  This has to be addressed and corrected.  I believe if we keep praying to God to shine a spotlight on these unspeakable crimes, it will all come out and there will be justice done.

  19. It is interesting that the entire white so called elite serve satan and do his bidding, it seems to me that it is conclusive proof that white people are the seed of satan.

  20. Seven says:

    This is so incredibly sad. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO. EXPOSING THE EVIL!!

  21. Jesus Christ help us. ??

  22. Good work Sean good work

  23. back when these movies 1st came out I knew there had to be some realism to this. I was disturbed for a while after seeing these films. I'm surprised no one has made a documentary exposing these films. smh

  24. David Jordan says:

    did anyone notice that the bidder sitter at the home PC looks strangely like Tony Podesta?

  25. pizzagate needs to be widely known. the media is involved bc they Cover for these Devils. man is this world being doused more than ever.

  26. BTW, I'm following George Webb every day, and for the first time in decades am having nightmares, really.

  27. Sean, no amount of applause to you is possible. Keep up the stand for truth good brother :)

  28. AU Heart says:

    We must kill them

  29. Thank you for your reporting, Sean. Stay safe. These are some very sick and twisted people.

  30. I almost got interested until I saw Ella Draper, which leads me to believe there can't have been much research done here , so I can't take any of this seriously now

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