Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels


Exposing subliminal sexualizing content aimed at young children from Hollywood, TV shows, Movies, and the pedophile fashion industry. Disney channel and …


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  1. Jesus needs to come back SOON!

  2. Amazing 13 says:

    Omg, little girls have ilusion they are nude fucking out of my head. I cant, I cant watch shows never again without think about it. You make me like this is not my fault fuuck.

  3. What's the name of the song that's starts @ 17:47?

  4. Daddy Dweeb says:

    lol the anime, that's not for kids that's for mature audiences

  5. Tell me the name of that song in 2:21!

  6. Thomas Stone says:

    Although I can agree that much of the content shown to younger audiences is highly inappropriate, this video seems to be put together by a conservative, since apparently promoting homosexuality is not appropriate.

    Yes, it would seem that more shows are encouraging rebellion against authority. That is NOT all bad. Kids do see parents as control freaks, and in some ways, kids are correct. Parents these days ARE control freaks. Teaching rebellion IS healthy to a certain degree. Older shows, yes, did promote more family values, but I see more parents these days that dont even know the definition of "family values". Parents will kick their kids out for continuous rebellion and for simply being gay. THAT is a problem.

    So do we really have an issue of promoting too much rebellion to our kids, or do we have an issue of parents that refuse to take accountability for their actions and admit THEY make mistakes. Disney and Hollywood are putting a mirror up to parents and rightfully so. Its time to stop blaming kids for rebellious behavior, and start blaming asshhole parents who dont know what true love is and how to show love to their kids.

  7. Thomas Stone says:

    I also reported this to youtube, because this video is freely available to view to any kid who has an internet connection and there is no age or content warning, and there is blatant child pornography in it.

  8. Simple solution for all you bickering ninnies.. Be a good parent, and your child won't fall into this culture. It's that simple. I have two children (4&6), and neither of them have ever laid eyes on any of this. They are only allowed so much TV time a day, and we stick to PBS programing. If you act like a parent instead of a cool friend or the good guy, your children will have respect for themselves and the people around them. Don't blame imaginary societies for your lack of control.

  9. Great video ! Congratulations ! =)

  10. I sotac says:

    Did you ever notice compared to Yahowah, the words of Allah just seem like they were spoken by an ignorant man? If you watch this video to the end there are a few verses from the Towrah but most from the Quran.

    Of all the religions to claim Disney sexualizes our youth Islam has not a leg to stand on. Pedophiles thrive in Islam, and for sexualizing young boys

  11. Loreto Lala says:

    why is homosexuality on the same level as perversion?

  12. mally34 says:

    This is not about illuminati nor related to. Illimunati is just a cover of the international companies and media organisations, nothing but an illusion, a fake hate center. The money holders are responsible for such mind controlling and manupulation shits. Do not buy their products, be aware and improve yourself and your mind with healty food and healthy thoughs. Otherwise it is not possible to protect anyone from such dangers.

  13. Disgusting!!!! if i had children, I think after watching this i am better prepared!!

  14. Monson kalai says:

    Am gonna just share it and share it this wonderful awareness video. Our cultures and families,especially the children are being polluted badly with the filthy staffs shown through the media. This needs to stop

  15. Mephistin says:

    All I'm hearing out of this is "boo hoo~ I'm a middle aged woman that's lain with 60 men and nobody young will love me now!" This video is bullshit. Females aren't the only gender being objectified. It's pure man hating crap because it's purely blaming men for their desire to have sex with what nature intended us to desire. Young, healthy, fertile females. Not used single mothers that wish they still had the ass of a school girl >_>.

    Sorry you old cunts, that's just the truth. Anyone that prefers young women is normal. Women that hate on men for finding said young women attractive are just flexing their matriarchy over men. There's nothing wrong with sex so long as it's consensual, fucking period. Too many 17 year (BOYS) have had their lives ruined because of this hatred of men being happy. Call me a pedophile if you want, join the angry self loathing herd. Remain as the jealous feminists that you are and cry me a river. As for the male feminists defending this garbage. Your not a better person, stop fooling yourself. Your a tool used against men that don't share your old unhealthy bitch fetish and do so to win their favor and the favor of those with power of you.

  16. HeyJoeHaze says:

    Media and society disgusts me.
    It's probably because most of the shows/cartoons/toys are owned my male executives.
    What female executive would make such sexualized shows/cartoons/toys?

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