Illuminati Mastermind Revealed ASMR


Trying to open your minds and build a ransom note for someone captured and held against their will. The problem is, the bonds you are being held with are in …


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  1. so creative n i just love love your work 🙂 hugs from me mum nathan x

  2. +TirarADeguello Hey have you watched a movie on Netflix called The Zeitgeist there are three conspiracy movies that I feel you'll be interested in watching.

  3. Trooper Tom says:

    Dang dude you look like James Gandolfini.

  4. The description was fascinating! The use of critical path analysis was really interesting (I'm a math student) since I didn't know they would have used that. Many thanks as always!!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this video. I did not expect it to be a legitimate topic and was quite invested by the end. Outstanding job!

  6. Aureal says:

    "dont worry, I'm a friend" puts on surgeon gloves

  7. 90rohancd13 says:

    but still the Pyramid and all seeing eye are NWO
    Illuminati Symbol is an owl

  8. Just imagine: these videos are actually propaganda exposure videos on the illuminati, just disguised as ASMR videos?

  9. MrConductor says:

    The issue with the NSA and such collecting all our data has never been total societal control, it's always been targeted defamation and blackmail.

    They can't use this data to stop crimes because they can't process a nations worth of data, it's just not feasible – what they can do is choose anyone they see as a threat and dig up or create as much dirt as they need to bring them in line.

  10. Klimi says:

    Hey TirarADeguello,
    i just wanted to say thank you for those great videos you make (the Illuminati-Ones are the best :D). I subscribed to your channel a few weeks ago and I just realised now, how active you are and how much time you invest in your videos.
    Keep up the good work!
    P.S. Greetings from Germany ;)

  11. B.B. Sounds says:

    Please check this site out TirarADeguello you deserve this knowledge:

  12. You didn't like Reagan? What a shame.

  13. What did you put around your eyes and behind your ears? Alcohol? What for? I'm curious.

  14. What's that little roll-on thing he uses in the beginning?

  15. I am a 32nd degree and I could not have said this better (unless I misunderstand this)…but now in our society I feel that the people are very .. very confused. It's scary to see what the masses do when they are confused. But one thing is for certain I have fought to help others and for perfection. Being a Freemason is actually a lot of work.

  16. Mm Q says:

    These secret society people are extremly organized and secretive.
     They are basically Earth's Higher Level Law/System(spiritual,science etc) abusers, Mocking and testing/tempting our God in many ways.
    They can only do what is Allowed in God's Sight.
    They are the cheap asses, organized cheaters, strict and also extremly secretive and deceptive to God's childrens.
    They use information,data,techniques and knowledges, (including absurd spiritual knowledges, methods excersised those that are effective in real life situations) manipulation of psychology, abusing human psychology to induce emotions and thoughts into people possibly programming them to be certain way(retarded,nervous wreck,depressed etc, so they are more controllable or are easily oppressed, and there might possibly be other creepy unknown techniques to the public that they use(slowly becoming more creepier like their master(lucifer). All these techniques,methods or whatever you call them has been collected, accumulated and recorded in their notes/records for hundreds of years, possibly for thousands of years and they abuse these, like cheating scumbags of life.
    Oppressing and controlling the entire population including innocent people.
    They are basically criminals and murderers, but in a very cowardly,cunning,secretive and wrongful ways, also encouraging each other to become more evil and wicked. But Definately there are people who are deceived in their group.
    There are also ones who are joined due to extreme fear. They are the Ones who needs help from our Lord Jesus Christ.
    This Definately is unbelievable and wrongful to many righteous and good people's sight and standard.
    Their leader is Lucifer, Demons are other fallen angels.
    They secretively communicate with each others. So person you know might be communicating with these demons and devil himself being lucifer, unfortunately doing what they are ordered to do… yes, this sounds crazy and nuts, but this is the secret of this world(either you like it or not, the entire Earth is filled with these Demonic spiritual beings influencing us greatly each day.) And of cource it sucks to know that *Countless* number of Human on Earth are their tool, these secret society people are everywhere on earth. They might be your neighbor, guy working in a police department, working in a goverment, deeply infiltrated inside law enforcement system(including judges), your school teacher, professor, president of the United States etc.
    One of the biggest secret of this world is that Human are forcefully/voluntarily working with the evil spirits in this world.
    Many Christians(Children's of God) already knows about this.
    Holy bible is true, and gives lots of hints,clues about this. But do not fear these cheating abusers of God's law on earth nor envy them, they are unfortunately all going to hell… yes… this actually breaks my heart but is true. Whatever alternative stories they might be believing in is… unfortunately false. Most of us are in protection of God who hasn't joined the dark side yet. And protection grows in obedience to God the most high and his son Jesus Christ our lord. "Truth shall set you free" Jesus himself is the only truth, so what he said are all true. Not a fantasy fiction, this is Reality.
    Yes, it might take long time to accept this Reality for non-believers, other religion followers and even for Christians who serves God(Yahweh) the most high, and Jesus Christ(One with God the most high),his only true son. Who actually was here on earth. Please trust me……this is for your sake. Try to recall all the things that happened thoughout your lives. Blame Satan(Lucifer), he and his dark force are responsible for many(they might think they are not evil,wicked and abnormal but they are), Thank God for protecting all of us from them even right now at this second. Lol yes evil spirits(Lucifer and demons, are living with us, unseen)
    Pray to God for protection and start reading Holy Bible, learn how you can get into heaven, not to Hell like them(They all still have time to repent, but God Decides.)

  17. >it gets to "oppressive and nonoppressive"


  18. when you put an asmr video, you fall asleep and the next day you realyze you have watched 5 videos xDD

  19. it's time you made a video describing how Hillary starts the world war 3 after she and her banking handlers usurp the power.

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