Illuminati Mind Control – Actual Footage (WATCH THIS)


Series by Xendrius Part 2: Mind control part starts at 5:25 This video shows Bill Clinton and Kent Wiedemann …


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  1. Didn't watch the video just wanted to say dude on screen shot pic look creepy as Hell…def up to something evil.

  2. this is why I know Trump is full of shit and is a tool for the powers at be to derail and start a division in America that will lead us to war domestically or abroad cause if they didn't want him where he is now he wouldn't be there

  3. TheGreat OZ says:

    skin equality is a hoax, it's their agenda by saying we're all equal so riots and people like the black panthers won't stand up.. they just want us to sit down watch TV eat GMO and shut the fuck up.. harsh truth, fuck the government 47shift

  4. Everybody's dysfunctional and the royal family n government are even worse, i know they raping little children in the Vatican, drinking blood as grown men watch fucking each other's arses out, I've got my guns and I'm ready to kill people! I don't vote for these old twisted perverted pedophiles that practise devil worshiping while being apart of a satanic cult, they use the media to trick and deceive us while they Scheme and plot how to kill us by the billions!! They ain't fooling me! I've got my guns ready for when they send in the armour police n troops to try and pack us off in those thema camps lol

  5. girlsoup01 says:

    Bill clinton is creepy.

  6. SEE the Video: "Clones/BioBots/Syntheticas created to Host Demons/Incarnates via CERN."

  7. twinwoodsman says:

    The most eye opening part of this video for me is the fact that people actually pronounce "naked" as "nekkid"

  8. Wipe the slate clean and start a new….we will destroy the illuminati…..we are The RO….they can't find us…..

  9. Fuck these faggots you will not take me on,I am a free thinker and not another sheep jumping onto trends.The reason why people can't enjoy smoking weed is because of these fucking pussies,weed exposes you to the truth and the goverment doesn't want you to see the truth.Weed is the safest thing to consume because you can die from drinking to much water but you can't die from to much weed.Not to mention the insane amount of fluroide the piece of shit goverment puts in our water to try and control us.Fuck these clowns and fuck the goverment.

  10. cyber bully says:

    George W., the good Christian.

  11. MC Hammer says:

    that guy at 5:54 looks fucking scary..i generally dont believe in this reptiloid satanic stuff but this guy looks like the pure evil..and his eyes fuck man

  12. "I don't run in the woods naked" HAHAHA :)

  13. What is wrong with people? I'm on the outside looking in and what I see is not normal and our ancestors would be disgusted on how our country ended up!!

  14. blow that s*** out of the water

  15. There's faces in the smoke and the earth is flat….chemtrails!

  16. Kainosielu says:

    They can't fool us all. But when you start "waking up" they put you on psychiatric drugs and try to control your mind through psychiatry. I just stopped going to psychiatric care and feel like I've survived from years of emotional abuse. I can't believe they can do things like that to people in the name of "helping" you. It's sick and deceiving. They label you on any way they can. Try to find reason for your anxiety and depression from you when you and most are just suffering because of years living in a very sick environment, family and this whole fucking planet which is controlled and ruled by sick and twisted psychopaths. Thank God I survived the brainwashing and am starting to see things clearly.

  17. some of you are ignorant there was once a man who said that the world was round and they called him crazy because everybody has been controlled like a herd of sheep therefore everybody thought the world was flat but the guy that said the world was round was reddiculed and called crazy so he turned out to be right that the world was round not flat and nothing is always what it seems some of you dumb fucks can't get

  18. Kÿpe says:

    This whole video is fucking hilarious. The creepy music, the text making dramatic claims with no real proof. I laughed the entire time.

  19. Sally Gentry says:

    Thank you for showing truth. God Bless.

  20. Demonic mind control, and they 'invite' them in knowingly, in return they get earthly power & money, and reap their eternity in hell…

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