Illuminati mural painted in ghetto sparks attention


A Mear One mural painted up on an old brick building created the backdrop for many thought provoking conversations

Illuminati mural painted in ghetto sparks attention

Recently Mear One painted a massive mural on the side of an old city building durring a time-lapse photo shoot.

The photographs were later put into a video produced by Roger L. Griffith, featuring music from Nasaj Thing.

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  1. Nwo says:

    Shut up stan you complete tit !

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Ever notice there is no claim to who posted this? I agree with Stan. The Elite place their plans in open view.

  3. It’s the jews stupid misinformed hippy. Do your homework with that in mind. I wonder what the chances are that he got all his paints and tools from WalTard. I wonder when he was listening to his iPod, which is manufactured by slave labor in China using coal fired plants to run the machinery, and which also provides the power to charge it and make the very paints and tools he uses, if he thought about how much of a hypocrite he is? Most of these types don’t. He did get those jewy faces right though. Anybody who knows about the Rothchilds and other big bankers know their background, IF they’ve done their homework.

    • Maat Men Nefer says:

      I have done my homework and have lived longer than you…remember Good and Evil are Equal Opportunity Employers!

  4. Adam says:

    Make it viral number 1.

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