Illuminati Music Industry & Hollywood Celebrity NWO Agenda Proven (Redsilverj)


Illuminati Music Industry & Hollywood Celebrity NWO Agenda Proven (Redsilverj) …


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  1. Jess Manning says:

    redsilverj , what's your thoughts on cern? and the mandela effect?

  2. dandylion says:

    the fact that they are using celebrities to convince the public is a sad commentary on the public.

  3. Hello Kitty says:

    I will believe them when their body guards stop carrying guns

  4. misterl0gic says:

    Seth MacFarlane was "supposed to catch one of the planes that were used in the 9/11 attacks".
    Redsilverj, take your time exposing that dude.

  5. "Two wings of the same bird"

  6. RedSilverJ, did you know that last year the UN decided to name 2016 "The Year of the Pulse"? And now some guy named Nick Hall (along with the pope) is planning this event to gather 1 million so-called Christians on the national mall. There is "pulse" imagery all over the promotions for this thing. The ads are creepy as hell. The event is called "Together" or "reset 2016". Would love to hear you do a commentary on that.

  7. Can you please explain why all these cops killing blacks please?

  8. John sierra says:

    redsilverj i fucking love your videos, you seem really knowledgable on whats going on. I've been following you for maybe 4 months and i agree on almost everything man. good stuff , you'll be rewarded well in the next life if you keep this up. namaste

  9. SI-0 W0lf says:

    Keep Up The Good Work God Bless You

  10. if you take guns from the citizens will that stop the criminals from getting them? no! if they come to your house and you don't have protection how u gonna defend yourself? they will have protection they rich smh

  11. Red, them jokas dun false flagged and staged 3 police officers being killed in Dallas, do work!

  12. I love your videos but come on man cover the police brutality that's been happening the past 3 days. Explain to everyone how the Falcon Heights is part of the agenda.

  13. Alvosploio says:


  14. I've already made this comment -but because it's relevant -I'll make it again. The constitution guarantees Americans the right to bare arms -and the formation of a Militia -which is a MILITARY organization. By logical extension -Americans have the right to own Assault weapons. The constitution tried to guarantee the rights of citizens -and protect them against their own government It would be really interesting to see the government try to confiscate those weapons. I'll buy popcorn for that.

  15. Yeah cuz local dealers and criminals buy their guns legally and are on the no fly list haha. If they havent already they will put any patriot and militia member on the no fly list right next to fundamentalist Christians which the fbi fears more than fundamentalist Muslims (no kidding look it up).

  16. Sara Adams says:

    Lavish Reynold Video 10 seconds in says "he killed my boyfriend" when he was still alive moaning.  Strange dialogue after police shoot him right next to her

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