Illuminati, New World Order Card Game Predicts the Future – 23 Prophecies Confirmed.


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  1. Munja says:

    its not predestination…..god gave us free will

  2. SheepDawg55 says:

    tomorrow i predict 12 fapp sessions in 24hrs .

  3. You are holding the script to the World's Stage.

  4. Not predict! it's more like forced suggestion. those that run the world behind the curtin. know that to make things happen, they have to put it in all subconscious minds to make things so. like on family guy. if the world stops believing their bullshit, they lose the power of control

  5. Mr Happy says:

    would have been nice if you would have read the cards

  6. get money says:

    Weed oil cures cancer

  7. happy life says:

    how can you be sure they are really from 1994, I mean like all of them…

  8. C4rnif3X says:

    Who watches TV still?

  9. "…they found that it tasted sweet like meat gone bad… Sleep warmly under columns of light. Sleep warmly under columns of light Sleep with the fishes tonight…"

  10. FYI
    It's Edward Snowden, NOT Erick Snowden

  11. Randal Flagg says:

    Agendas not prophecy!

  12. I got hoodwinked by my first grade teacher and that blue ball they convinced me that we live on. WE DON'T!!!

  13. rumblers66 says:

    Thanks for sharing/insights

  14. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?

  15. Katrina M says:

    nice illuminati symbolism on ur wall.ure not fooling anyone

  16. apyt100 says:

    What microphone are you using? Very good audio quality.

  17. DivineVenus says:

    People be careful of who you watch. Always pay attention to the signs and symbolism surrounding them. Including the sounds i.e. 33:50. Always remember they lead the opposition as well. Use Discernment ALWAYS.

  18. the very fact your even allowed to talk about this is good evidence it's already too late the NWO or whatever you want to call the lizard pedophiles that run things have control of the world and we are ignorant slaves without hope of breaking free because of all the moronic agendas ie flat earth/Mandela effect/allien ufo abduction/trump vs Clinton all played on purpose to distract the only slightly ignorant as the main stream is there for the totally ignorant

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