Illuminati: NWO, Saturn Worship, 666 and Freemasons



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  2. It is psychic enslavement and mind control. They are fallen souls and all around you like the movie "They Live" They are the occult and headed by Rome and the Crowns which use the Jesuits and priesthoods to control religion, freemasonry, witches, new agers, etc. Rome also controls the mafia which is both physically and spiritually lawless. Their psychic kingdom is called Zion and the Holy See is the All Seeing Eye. These occultic groups control society and are secretly and telepathically conspiring against the majority to enslave, parasite, and abuse. Lower level initiates are less evil and more brainwashed. The full initiates perceive normal humans as their slaves and cattle and consider themselves superior and illuminated.

    They invade the conscious space of others and target people with destructive and unclean thoughts to lower their electromagnetic shields so they can steal energy and adrenaline which is the "Crown of thorns" They use oscillating sine waves during attacks and this is where the word sin derives from. They are temple robbers. You have a temporal lobe and the Pope claims temporal power. The occult are initiated through the temporal lobe which emanates from Saturn. Their kingdom is designed as a 3-D electromagnetic hexagram within hexagrams like a Russian doll set and is also risen up to the troposphere and this is Zion. Satan is called the "Prince of the air" They use gematria to enhance mind control. The real controllers are the illusionati. They invade dreams which is where much of the satanic ritual abuse occurs for programming especially of children's developing minds. They can be highly effective mimics like many sociopaths. They are not spiritually human anymore.

    The "Ice Giant" Uranus emanates cold blooded serpents and reptiles, the dirt on earth, and the basal ganglia also called the "reptilian complex" which connects to the brainstem and spinal cord which is the exact anatomy of a serpent. The basal ganglia regulates "fight or flight" which is induced by adrenaline which is what they feed on. Uranus or Caelus controls Saturn which emanates the temporal lobe. They are mind controlling humanity through the temporal lobe with geometric vibrations and spiritually oppressing humanity with alchemy which targets the electrochemical glands also called chakras to release unclean energies and spirits. "Reptilians" are human souls merged with reptile and serpent spirits. There are no physical aliens.

    Inside of the temporal lobe which emanates from Saturn is a holographic matrix. When someone's optic nerves are magnetically pulled into the temporal lobe forming an "illuminated" pyramid they are being plugged into the Saturn matrix. Illumination refers to the serpents infrared sight being used spiritually in this realm. Your temporal lobe is intended to be a personal temple used for thoughts and imaginations while in these temporary bodies however Zion is an alien electromagnetic hexagram matrix engineered into Saturn reflected from this plastic, chemical, binary society. The hexagram is a false light pyramid merged with a false dark pyramid. Th lower level initiates are caught up in this false duality which is also reflected into politics and religion. CERN and electronics generate a binary frequency. HAARP steal ions from the ionosphere to feed this system in the troposphere. Tropo means to turn like Sa-turn. Zion mimics everything including the stars and solar system and Saturn. They use extremely advanced parapsychology with deceptions layered over deceptions and so on. They build their lies on top of foundations of truth.

    Jupiter emanates the heart, parietal lobe, and the ionosphere. You do not need to ascend, instead humanity needs to end the tyranny to return to our natural state and wash Zion out of the temples. Bring the heavens down to earth. All human souls are eternal from birth. The fallen become i'm-mortal through their false ascension. We enter into three stages of REM. Initially we enter into the temporal lobes and then REM1 is intended to be the parietal lobe, REM2 is the ionosphere and REM3 is in Jupiter as your higher self. You were made sovereign. The Great Red Spot is a portal to the galactic center and beyond. There is supposed to be a natural semi-disconnect from the heavens to maintain the meaning in life. Sleep is the cousin of death but not the same as when we die and are fully released from our bodies. The occult have built a wall in mid sky where they kidnap souls in dreams.

    Freemasonry refers to psychic building of electromagnetic pyramidic prisons in the troposphere and their geometric programs which resonate in them. Much of freemasonry is controlled by the British Crown and the Order of the Garter. These freemasonic programs are the ideologies in society like religion, political parties, and other elements in culture which are not sincere or natural. The Bible is a spellbook which has some wisdom and truth mixed with lies or half truths and designed with a geometric torus or vortex. The planets are building blocks which emanate dimensions on earth, the mind, and body. Alchemists use chemicals to activate these dimensions and release unclean energies and spirits which align to them in order to corrupt souls. The Rosicrucians are master alchemists and the food and drug corporations are controlled by them. Sorcerers use gematria and words to vibrate numerics which align with the planetary geometries and atomic numbers which are also incepted into Zion. Archbishops are the high level watchers of society and Zion. Jesuits are master sorcerers and control wicca. Occult means hidden.

    The wicked fear righteous anger and truth. You naturally produce vibrations into the world through thoughts, words, and emotions. Hebrew is based on cymatics; meaning the image of the Hebrew characters are based on the geometric vibrations they generate and all languages are based on these principles. Your heart produces electricity which is energy. The Bible says Jesus comes back with a sword out of his mouth. Words are swords. You have the power to fight the wicked. Faith or confidence strengthens your spiritual works. You can calm storms with faith and will, summon lightning which kills evil spirits, and cause worldly effects with your words and the deeper your understandings the deeper your effects. Your enemies know these truths but they lack the power. You have the power. This is how you fight the enemy. Don't stand by while your fellow brothers and sisters are being oppressed. Your enemy is the Holy See which is the All Seeing Eye, the Mafia and occult groups like the Jesuits, freemasons, witches etc. You do not have to tolerate oppression. Be mighty.

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