ILLUMINATI..President JFK speaks out against secret societies



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  1. Downzy2019 says:

    also Jay Z has a clothing range called rockawear Or somthing.

  2. Downzy2019 says:

    Looks like JFK is hit in his chest/neck and he is grasping himself there before he is hit in the head. RIP JFK thank you for standing up for humanity, it must of taken great bravery to stand against such a huge powerful but secret Illuminarti.

  3. The dude in the passenger seat turned around and shot him! notice how quickly he turns back around. This is a different angle view of the assassination then the one we are all used to. The normal angle hides what really happened and Lee Harvey Oswald was there as a cover up so the Illuminati could accomplish their mission…this sickens me!

  4. speeches no longer have as much heart as the previous presidents. its a damn shame

  5. What? I don't see it.

  6. miami8able says:

    REST IN PEACE 🙂 we will spread ur word

  7. Louise M-D says:

    THE BIGGEST secrets are those committed by the powerful within a family- society is made up of us all who were respected or abused by the powerful masters within each of our millions of families

  8. Louise M-D says:

    jfk-had addisons disease- not fun- i know

  9. Louise M-D says:

    emma golman- did you read the book LIDDIE? built "our great" america

  10. I am hooking You up dude. In Honor of JFK and Your Incredible Video I will make sure this gets Many Views. Peace

  11. There is a suspicion that YT doesn't show the real number of views… 😉 keep it in your mind (Y) and share this info….

  12. word up..this president is the best by far..oama is ful of shit,

  13. Are truthers incapable of telling the truth or doing research that isn't spoonfed to them?
    Google 'The President and the Press Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961'.
    He was speaking of the cold war. The secret society is Communists (google 'red scare').
    This speach has been deliberately edited to make him say what he was not.
    "Perhaps there is no answer to the dilmemna faced by a free and open society to a cold and secret war." – same speach
    Lying truthers, tsk.

  14. Angel Ortiz says:

    Rip JFK..thanks for not hiding the bullshit. He lives forever

  15. gilbertrr says:

    JFK was no saint himself, but he had the guts to let the people know what was truly going on and it cost him his life. At 3:19 the video shows all the corrupt presidents there have been since Kennedy. How sad and how much longer will it go on…….

  16. Coastin7 says:

    Liked the video but didn't think the song during his assassination was necessary.

  17. God bless John F. Kennedy where ever hr may be. The last President to speak against the global agend. A people's president, if not the last of a dying breed.

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