Illuminati Queen Helen Mirren Pointing Prince to Elevator to Hell/Blood Sacrifice


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  1. Mirrens' talent is not only hyped by the media, but there is something unsettling and very false about her. Why would a 70 year old 'Dame' be involved in the grieving for a half-breed midget ?

  2. MrBohanin says:

    you christians are full of shit. believe it or not your religion is satanic, always has been.

  3. Marek Sheran says:


  4. Ruth Allan says:

    I've no doubt you're right. But more importantly, have you seen the talk by Constance Cumbey for Radio Liberty, or read her book; 'The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow'?

  5. anyone remember her from Caligula?

  6. Prince WAS NOT sued by "Prince Spaghetti" – YOU ARE MIXED UP and have it the wrong way. Prince (THE MUSICIAN) sued the spaghetti company for using HIS LIKENESS in a TV commercial for their spaghetti. The REASON Prince changed his name temporarily was because of Warner. In 1993, while in a contractual battle with Warner Bros., he changed his stage name to Prince logo.svg, an unpronounceable symbol also known as the "Love Symbol".

  7. The 'Eye of Horus, aka wadjet, is a protection symbol. Ancient Egyptian soldiers wore them as they went into battle alongside their Pharoah. I have one, I'm no friggen satan worshipper. I really do not know how Horus, a Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) god can be linked to such evil, or any deity in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. The Netjer (Egyptian gods) have both very good sides and slightly darker ones, but unless you're talking about some kind of ancient demigod or demons within the religion, not one deity is 100% good or bad. Osiris is another good example. He cared for the dead, and was not evil. In fact Kemetic deities are VERY calm when compared to some other religions, the Christian 'god' is a good place to start, and all the apocryphal surrounding his 'virgin born' son. Yeah right, I think the fact she disappeared and came back pregnant says it all. She had sex with another man and in order to keep Joseph happy, brainwashed him and everyone else into believing her BS.

  8. Please EXPLAIN in detail why you believe that "hell" would be in the "DOWN" direction ?????? So you mean if we dig using the world's largest mining drills we will reach a place called "hell" inside of the earth?

  9. sablenote says:

    shes a wrinkled old lady

  10. jimi santa says:

    just face it, people have to accept that people like prince that die, are the only ones responsible for their own death, what's this illuminati crap??? Prince was not exactly an angel,, and a lot of people who die from drugs etc,, for various reasons have no one else to blame, but themselves. this is so ridiculous, the biggest rubbish I have ever heard….Leave the Royals alone, they are the opposite of satanic,  if anything they should be blamed for being too traditional and boring,,, All this stuff is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever heard…Totally ridiculous,  some people have nothing better to do than over read things and create conspiracy theories that sound so ridiculous and fantastic,, no where close to the truth. What really gets to me is they start to use numbers and try to explain and twist things the way they want to prove their conspiracy theories etc.. Total rubbish…There is no such thing as the illuminati, people have both good ad bad inside of them, and it depends how much they allow of each to show, and depending on their willpower, and situation some people allow their evil side to take over etc,,,,  Please stop this utter bull crap!!! Enough is enough!!!!!

  11. teeokeefe says:

    the symbol is the combination of male female and life. that simple. the name had nothing to do with spaghetti. the record company. Slave…. you have seemingly done a lot of thinking, but not a lot of study.

  12. You are one crazy crackpot.

  13. Tony Edwards says:

    Are you david cameron he's full of shit as well

  14. She played the Queen in that propaganda film and a stage play over here called the Audience, so played her twice and that "twin" thing again the occultists love. I think she's saying to Obama "thanks for the sacrifice from our Queen" or something. The style of her dress is something she wouldn't usually wear, usually very sexy, and more like something the Queen would have made, that's why I think she's playing her. Her eyes look dead here too. IMO

  15. MrJoeawsome says:

    shut up hes right

  16. Mark Marsh says:

    …. this is koo koo bird bullshit of the lowest order.

  17. Oh, for Gawd's sake. Helen Mran??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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