Illuminati Satanic Bohemian Grove Ritual (Caught on Tape)


Series by Xendrius. Bohemian Grove Ritual starts at 8:45 This is an old series originally called Conspiritus Remake.


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  1. Adam Hyder says:

    Scary. Just remember to repent to thy lord. Also remember if your alive when it all hits the fan, if you live by the sword you die by the sword. There is nothing to prove only that we want eternal life in heaven.

  2. why are all of these guys ugly as hell? I don't know why I expect a bunch of evil studs… too much video games I suppose

  3. Porch Fyre says:

    7:32 I've seen this guy before…

  4. uday rapper says:

    one fucking question illuminati real or fake? never mind iam gonna continue watching this iam on VAAAAAAAAAACCCCCAAAAAATTTTTTIOOOOOOOONNNNN

  5. has anyone considered that maybe they're just nerds playing world of war craft or some shit like that….. thats why they're wizards….. mind-us controle-us hahahahaha

  6. its just a club where the elite meet up and have barbecues together…… and put on plays…… so they're burning satan with their flames…… to be free…. does that mean they are possibly the fallen angels? or maybe jedi knights fighting an evil we do not know of

  7. Quinn Rollen says:

    Well…. that all seems really gay.

  8. Ramya Hegde says:

    Holly fucking Molly

  9. Philip Walls says:

    Who cares? Why do people worry so much about this kind of stuff? Are you going to live on this planet for ever? Those BG believers are practicing their religion as they see fit. I have a different religion. It is the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, and nothing these people do can take that away from us. So, who cares? It is their own folly, no ours.

  10. well, now I understand why Navajo culture, believe owls as omens, and evil spirits.

  11. FRUM TV says:

    It honestly sounds like it'd be easier to join the side of the devil. You don't really have to do shit except for whatever you want

  12. HiTech Roman says:

    Are we sure that what is shown at 8:45 is not a play? Like theater? I know many theater festivals or even plays are being made on location such as woods and forested areas for originality.

  13. this video is good but the Nazis had nothing to do with the occult, they were fighting against this stuff

  14. Sid Austin says:

    so I done a quick research on a fourty foot owl and ritual of Illuminati they burn children or babies in a tophet I connected my thought to a movie were they have to kill 666 baby does it mean where close too an end of the world!?!?!? please help me understand

  15. Sally Gentry says:

    ALL prez's except Martin Van Buren, are ALL related, and to the "royals". That is no "coincidence". If you think your vote counts, unless it's for the chosen one will not exist. They did it to Ron Paul, and now Trump. God Bless .

  16. paraLfreqnC says:

    ok werent they just acting as they were trying to burn satan? so isnt that a good thing? did i miss something?

  17. Reva FoSho says:

    Ugh, whatever. If disgusting rich corrupt politicians and the like want to dress up in costumes and pretend they're controlling the world, go ahead. I don't think this is the real root of why they get away with all the shit that they do. The real root is that the people are fucking ASLEEP.

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