A Made in Holland Release Keyser Soze Presents A One Eleven Production Illuminati Secret Technology 23-09-2011 …


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  1. CLA UDIU says:

    you cant fight satan without the lord jesus

    the elite worship demons who empower them to do what they do

    do you think you can fight demons without the lord jesus

    you have no power over satan without the lord jesus

    but you should know they tremble at the feet of jesus

    and they cant touch you if you trully belong to christ

    but without the lord jesus you are open season for them

  2. TheKoojee says:

    "Satan" and "God" are nothing more than fairy-tales. Jesus may have been just a real human who was sensationalized by someone who made up myths about him, hence the bible. Ancient beliefs. Like the world thought that the world was in an enclosure or that the world was flat, rather than round.
    You are brain-washed by that book, and that book is nothing more than just myths. 

  3. CLA UDIU says:

    if satan is a fairy tale

    why is it that the most powerful people in the world practice occult ceremonies dedicated to satan and demons

    ill tell you why

    its because this is reall

    these are the same people who control the banks and governments of the world

    they also control the media and universities that tell you their is no God

    come on man are you that blind to allow yourself to be played by them

    do you really wanth to be satans toy forever

    christ told us these things
    jesus saves 

  4. TheKoojee says:

    Those handful of old men that rule the world and worship fairy-tales know they are being sniffed out by the White Dragon Society of Asia's 100,000 assassins as we speak (so l read in alternative news). For you, cut the religious bullshit. "God" and "Satan" were invented by Men and Aliens, that's right, galactic E.Ts !.

  5. CLA UDIU says:

    wow your stretching it

    the worlds most powerful people worship a fairytale because its fake

    friend do you listen to yourself

    their is real power in the lord jesus

    sadly their is also power in demons and satan
    and these world leaders have chosen satan because his system pleases their desires which is sin

    if you for a second give your heart to the lord jesus you will see how real this is, if you dont than you will live the rest of your life in darkness being played by satan

  6. TheKoojee says:

    I don't mind tolerating you. I can see you're relentlessly pushing to preach superstitious stuff at me, nice try, your preaching goes over my head.
    You don't have the common sense of the majority following what is real, you're in the minority that's following a fantasy, of which, told us that the "Earth was flat".
    Adam born out of soil. His rib created a clone. A talking snake in an apple tree. Incestouos Lot and his daughters.
    Every living species on earth inside Noah's mini-minorboat.


  7. CLA UDIU says:

    this is no fantasy

    what jesus said conserning the anti christ

    has come to pass

    and in fact its still happening in perfect detail

    so why do you claim this is a fantasy

    did not paul say the anti christ would come out of the christian church and speak blasphemy

    is that not the pope

  8. endritize says:

    +Цар Кару І what is the sound you put at 7:20 


  10. fanof2012 says:

    Thanks to former sheriff’s deputy and Rule of Law Radio Show host Eddie Craig’s 2.5 hour presentation called “Secrets Police Don’t Want You To Know” at Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know the world now knows that:
    1. The statement “driving is a privilege, not a right” is only true if the driver in question is a COMMERCIAL driver, and non-commercial drivers (including drivers under age 18) have the right to drive with no license, no permit, no insurance, no registration, and no license plate on their car whenever they please because non-commercial drivers are merely exercising their “right to travel/right to locomotion” when they use their own cars, bikes, watercraft, and flying machines for non-commercial purposes
    2. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be engaging in TRANSPORTATION or be DRIVING because the legal definitions (and not the standard English dictionary definitions which are irrelevant) of those two capital words imply that they only relate to COMMERCE. This also means that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a non-commercial driver to be charged with DUI/DWI since the “D” stands for DRIVING, and it also means that that a non-commercial driver cannot be charged with TEXTING WHILE DRIVING for the same reason (although a non-commercial driver can be charged with non-transportation crimes like negligence, reckless endangerment, and property damage, and just because non-commercial drivers are not required by law to have insurance doesn’t mean they can’t be sued for causing an accident or using their automobiles in an unsafe manner)
    3. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be OPERATING a VEHICLE because the legal definitions of those two capital terms also imply that they only relate to COMMERCE
    4. The fact that TRANSPORTATION is a COMMERCIAL activity means that it is ILLEGAL for law enforcement personnel to pull over, stop at checkpoints, or issue transportation law tickets to non-commercial drivers. Transportation laws only apply to commercial drivers, period!
    Law enforcement and government personnel say that they are issuing tickets to non-commercial drivers in order to “keep the roads safe,” but this is an outright lie to conceal the fact that the real reason they break the law in this regard is to GENERATE REVENUE. If it had to do with public safety, then they would make you retake the driving test every time your license expired, which they don’t. And besides, having a piece of plastic in your wallet or a sticker on your car windshield or a metal plate on your car trunk IS NOT gonna make you any more or less safe than not having those things. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who uses the roads for commercial and non-commercial purposes should feel a moral obligation to use the roads safely, but that doesn’t change the fact that transportation/driving laws only apply to commercial drivers. Oh, and Eddie Craig’s transportation stop script for what to say to the cops if they pull you over or stop you at a checkpoint, courtroom script for what to say at trial if they try taking you to court, and red light camera letter to avoid paying red light camera tickets can all be found at
    Now that I have informed you about this, I would like to ask that you folks please help me in my crusade to spread this info like wildfire on a global scale.

  11. Chad Racine says:

    i would have had a much better time taking this seriously if you knew how to spell you fucking retarded asshole

  12. terry fraser says:

     I get crazy when people talk about the illuminati like they are real, they do not exist, and people would know about these secret technologies , now society is taking religion and blending it with science, in the past religion burned people at the stake for making accusations against the church like the earth goes around the sun, now religion takes science and says the opposite that there is a secret technology from the past , if the church was so smart they would of said science was evil in the first place created by this group of mysterious people, people make stuff up and have nothing to back it except for evil deeds .

  13. the hell with unholy wood 

  14. AnonymousYT says:

    you dont know but tarik z is a good men i think they killed hi

  15. this is so truth you see a comercial with whatever food and suddenly you wan't it
    new cell phone,computer,tv,clotting,drugs, and definitely sex
    that is why people we need JESUS protection to set you free all things
    specialy from the total and very soon mind control and it won't be HAARP OR CERN it's something way beyond and was created in 1950s it's just been perfected

  16. so what your telling me is

  17. CoOl ViD..! I see you are awake 🙂 check out my anti-nwo song video 'Stir Things' if you get a chance and feel free to use it in any future projects. Fight the power! Peace and Love!

  18. Wayne Manzo says:

    Albert Goldman looks suspiciously like the Psycho Army Colonel that fired me at NASA
    in full Military Uniform while screaming at me "You have no business at NASA if you are
    not a Jew Spook" then he started singing "Like a Virgin"! I have no luck with the military even

    as a little civilian PhD! DOD Department of the Dead!

    And, he looks like John Hinkley Sr and The Roger's Commission guy and also
    a little bit like Dick Cheney__who the Hell was I working with at NASA?

    And, at the 911 Sculpture in Beverly Hills at the City Hall – Library complex
    the plaque says "Thank you Gilbert"? Hmmmmmmm?

    What about all that German Gold stored in the World Trade Center Vaults?
    Probably tucked away nicely in Beverly Hills and Century City Banks!

    It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bond!


    OHMSS? Oh oh, M SS? OHIO M SS? OHIO M CIA? Uh oh!

    Ohio is the "Buckeye" state? Buck Eye? Dollar Eye? Eye in the Pyramid on the back
    of the dollar bill? Eye of the Illuminati? Evil Eye? Third Eye? All Seeing Eye?
    The Buckeye State?

    The Evil Jew KKK Illuminati State! O Hi O!


    Manzo? M Nazo? M Naso? M Nasa!

    Dial M for Murder

    I think Madonna had something to do with the John Lennon Shooting and when Mark Chapman
    shook hands with Lennon's son SEAN it was to seal the "Murder Contract" and by killing

    John Lennon the little talentless witch from Bay City Michigan was guaranteed Super

    Star-Dumb in the "M You Sick" and Movie industries__all owned and controlled by the

    Jewish Mafia! Also, Actor Robert Ryan who lived in the apartment before the Lennon's

    moved in, and who's wife was injected with "Jew Hot Sauce" and died of cancer__and
    Robert Ryan later died of cancer also, made a movie in 1973 titled something like

    "Madonna XXX" Witch has alot of meaning if you know that Madonna Chic-Co-NY was involved

    in the Lennon Shooting.

    How did Lennon get the apartment? Ryan's wife was "witch whacked". Why would the Dakota

    management aprove such a radical counter-culture figure as a resident of the Dakota?

    When, many, many, tamer high profile celebrities have been shot down! Why was John and

    Oko given the green light to move into the Dakota? And, what a coincindinky that Madonna

    ended up marrying a British Subject and Madonna, or Madge, ended up in a comfy

    residence only eight blocks south of the same exact location as the Dakota?

    Stand on the corner where Lennon was shot__walk to CPW
    then walk south eight blocks and look up__that is where Madge lived in the eighties
    and nineties. A few blocks East of Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera House
    where a Tenor mysteriously fell to his death while trying to open a 15 foot
    filing cabinet in front of a sold out audience. Opening night, never before at
    the MET. What was the Opera? "The M Case".

    Based on the above information what can we say about the Roman Polanski
    movie RoseMary's Baby that was filmed in the Dakota in the same apartment
    that John and Yoko purchased? From Witchie(Richie): The film chronicles the story of a
    pregnant woman who gradually discovers that her husband has made a pact with a secret
    religious cult( Witches ) and that the true father of her baby is the Devil. In the

    movie the husband's name is "Guy" and Madonna is known to have married a British subject
    named "Guy Ritchie". Many references are found concerning this movie and the topic
    of "Jewish Blood Libel" where non-jew babies are sacrificed and the blood and flesh
    eaten. In the world of the "Jewish Mafia" Human Babies are bought as pets or slaves
    and kept, manipulated, and slaughtered like pigs or goats.
    Also at the beginning of the movie an older couple mention that there was a man
    shot in the lobby or outside the lobby of the Bramford( The Dakota ).

    In the Jewish Bible we find the name Mary and Madonna used as the same name?
    RoseMary's Baby becomes RoseMadonna's Baby? Who is Rose? Rose Kennedy?
    What if we change the R to a J then we have Jose Madonna's Baby!
    The doorman at the Dakota that fateful night was Jose Perdomo who has
    been fingered as a CIA plant! Jose Perdomo Madonna's Baby?
    Perdomo? Per JoMo? Jose is also the name Joe?

    Joe Per JoMo Madonna's Baby?

    One of the Dakota employees who took the gun was Joe Many or, if I may,
    Joe Money? But if Joe is Moe is Madonna? Connect the dots!
    And, who is the Baby? The Madonna song "I'm gonna keep my baby"?
    But what about Charlie Manson and Sharon Tate? Did Hollywood Director Roman Polanski
    find out about what Madonna was up to? Was Madonna supposed to be in the
    Hallway at the Dakota and not Lennon that fateful night instead of Lennon?

    Is there something about Madonna we should know about? In the movie
    DSS Desperately Seeking Susan we find Madonna is asked "No More Dead Bodies"
    she answers "See What I Can Do?" Was the Madonna Movie really an advertisement for the

    little Evil Martian Mafia Hit-Man known as "Madonna"? In the past literature these
    beings were called "Witches" but I refer to them as "Little Greys" or "Martians".

    Also, this probably is not revilant but when I was the only Homeless NASA PhD in the
    gutters of Santa Monica in a CIA Jew induced mind fog I met OJ Simpson on the
    Third Street Promenade holding a sign about Martians and the CIA and OJ, after
    talking with him for a while, said, why don't you come live with me because
    Madonna and the Armenian Jews will keep you homeless forever__then
    OJ Simpson's house was hit and after many years__I'm still homeless and still
    being called "The Enemy" of the Martian Armenian Jews, OJ is not doing so well,
    and Madonna and the Kadeshians are Trillionaires__I wonder?

    I was suckered into a job at the Jewish Research Center in Cleveland known as
    the NASA Lewis Research Center and the mailing address was
    21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland but if you type in 20001 you get
    the 100th Bomb Group? 20001? 2001 and my mail stop was MS 77 911-20001?
    Go figure? The Psycho Colonel that fired me was none other then Bomber
    Gunner Joe "The Evil Jew" Manzo – Madonna – Weden!
    McGill Univerity? MC? Madonna! What was the Psycho Cols name? Gill?
    Mo Jo Rising? What did I do to deserve this Hell? Lucky I suppose.

    The dark green Jag that Diana arrived in at the Midtown Hotel with Henry Kissinger
    whom I met as the only Homeless NASA PhD In New Jew City and she left me
    in the gutter? Why do they pronounce Jaguar as Jew G War? I wonder?
    And today a Madonna Porno Queen has married her son and she might become
    Porno Queen of England__imagine Madonna Queen of England!

    Of course this might be the ramblings of a former Mental Patient
    who's Mental illness has obviously taken control of his thought process
    and this is nothing but__as they say__lunacy, delussion, and insanity but
    would you believe that a pair of bicycle mechanics from Dayton Ohio mastered
    the science of flight where hundreds of engineers and physicist PhD's before them could

    not? Think about it! Do you expect a thinking person to believe that bicycle
    mechanics have education and knowledge then engineers and scientists with
    PhDs? No, that is not believable. Yet, we are forced to believe it.
    Well, what I am saying is on par with the theory that the "Wright Brothers"
    had no help in inventing the aeroplane__from the future__or did they?

    From Evil Hell-LA,

    Dr. Wayne E. Manzo PhD
    310 980 5058

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