Illuminati songs (Reversed) Reaction


Illuminati tunes (Reversed) Below is my response.
Abide by ME ON:
▶️SNAPCHAT: skyviewray
▶️Original online video:
▶️Music by: Joakim Karud


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  1. ZOD Xx says:

    bruh if you cant tell your dumb all say evil and island and sexual shit its in island east. middle of the med sea. they will be 9 islands if you found the right island you neet dejal dejal is tighted up jesus or isa cut off one his eyes this way befor dodo bird just dont free him

  2. oh god help us destroy the evil

  3. ah that illuminate and their shinnanigans

  4. ✊?Rise Up Libertarians✊?Trump defeated the New World Order for now. They were going to CRASH the World currencies so there was only ONE WORLD CURRENCY. But the Democratic Puppet Party still uses radios, Hollywood and CNN and other public outlets to manipulate and lie to minorities. Help us defeat the NWO and destroy the sick Democratic Party #RiseLibertarians

  5. the power of subconscious

  6. daniel le says:

    stupid illumad

  7. comment after the song goes off

  8. say this is the best for both worlds. on Snapchat or any app that you can reverse and it will say I love Satan…I is true

  9. OK low key some might POSSIBLY be real but some are just so obviously edited lol

  10. Maybe they want to wash your brain

  11. John Milkman says:

    You shouldn't play music backwards or your milk will spoil.

  12. TacosTurfu says:

    This dude be lip syncing

  13. fuckin terrified

  14. ZOD Xx says:

    btw satan real name is iblees

  15. ZOD Xx says:

    land it means the land of dejal dejal is satan one of his is cut off the island is somewhere know one knows why all the songers are famous because of dejal dejal give them what they one and they they give theit soul dejal isa will come and fight the dejal till then dejal is controlling their souls even me not so much

  16. Gabriel Bart says:

    Have a real voice

  17. Elle says:

    Now listen to Twenty Øne Piløts song in reverse…

  18. i fucking died when she said she stabbed them niggers bruhhhhh??????????

  19. Cin Rose says:

    Messages picked up subliminally are actually stronger in your mind, hence mass trends and such. Look into product advertisement. It's truly scary.

  20. Cin Rose says:

    New shirts! Yes!!!

  21. Jay Cee says:

    LOL…i only listen to real muzic anyway….but NO WAY!!! I never thought it 1 second…..they retarded doo doo dumb on this one

  22. Edgy Lemon says:

    Yo skyview! they hide the messages in the songs because our brains unwillingly and automatically subconsciously register it even if we don't realise it.

  23. Edgy Lemon says:

    I don't think Justin is the one who wrote that song, who ever did definitely hid the message.

  24. Demir Zengin says:

    1:01 look at his eyes XD

  25. Demir Zengin says:

    your sound coming forward

  26. OK. why does my brother loves justin beiber so much? :/

  27. Roschy Boi says:

    listen to the singing backwards without reading the interpretations and you will understand why this is all bullshit and a waste of everyone's time

  28. MrHanSoL0 says:

    Subliminal messages- A signal or message designed to pass below (sub) the normal limits of perception. An inaudible to the conscious mind (but audible to the unconscious or deeper mind) An image transmitted briefly, unperceived consciously, yet perceived unconsciously. This is what Kanye was talking about in his concert that he ended. We are all programmed through Steganography, Advertisements, Radio Waves / Frequencies and guess who controls the people… Government and Organized Societies of Secrets. What better way than to use Visuals and Music especially entertainment.

  29. Tony Wall says:

    Give your life to Jesus Christ and He will save you from all evil in this world.

  30. Dis some cray cray shit

  31. SkitFU says:

    how you believe this think rationally

  32. SkitFU says:

    i thought you were ski

  33. I don't know what to say I don't think it's real tho

  34. I know I know I shouldn't really believe this but right now I'm scared.

  35. Spooby says:

    Anytime a video starts "what up, it's ya boy…"
    My brain Says "you ain't my fuckin boy"
    …next vid.

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