Illuminati Symbolism in Kubrick’s “EYES WIDE SHUT” EXPOSED


Learn about the hidden occult language behind Stanley Kubrick’s final film; EYES WIDE SHUT, as Isaac Weishaupt ( takes you on this visual, safe-for-work tour:


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  1. Athens nike says:

    Goddess worship is correct and vague.Sophia the mother of christ, Asherah mother of yahweh and so on.Catholics voted to use name mary for lie of rewarded woman. Pilars represent guardian of hidden mysteries, tarot cards.Statanism is all about self worship and haressing god and goddess energies as polar fuels and tool and all deities are are costumes for them to play

  2. assimonem says:

    I just noticed that the septagram at 6.59 also is showing a phallus facing forward.Also ayin is the goat at hebrew number value 77

  3. Car Lito says:

    Same tiger from hooker room and in the end just a lil observation

  4. MrFredSed says:

    @ 11:40 shows a 10 pointed star on the floor, not 8. So how can it be a 'star of ishtar'?

    The bit about TCs character 'Bill' wearing the wedding ring on his right hand, it's a mirror-image so he's wearing it correctly, we are seeing a filmed reflection from a mirror.

    @ 18:38. We see the rainbow sign of the shop and 'Bill' climbs the stairs and enters it. He has litterally travelled "over the rainbow"… indeed the writing below it says "Under the rainbow".

  5. k4vud says:

    Look at the man at the far left; that is Don Trump.
    But his main orgy locale is Putin's palace on Black Sea.

  6. symbolism? its much more straight forward than that

  7. Lara O'neal says:

    Can u explain the pedo bear reference. Very interesting.

  8. Great analysis of this creepy film. I have to wonder why "they" even allowed it to be released, since it gave away so many of their secrets. I remember seeing it at the theater when it was first released, and I had to leave about half-way through the movie because I was slightly nauseous and dizzy. Understand that I'm not a hypochondriac-type, nor have I ever left midway through any movie. I just quietly left my friends and went outside, and felt fine after about 15 minutes. I remember that it didn't bother me how cold it was outside, I was just happy not to be stuck in a room with that movie.

  9. Kevin Chada says:

    the x mas trees were symbolic of Yule, pagan shit, learned about it in prison. esoteric system

  10. David Lessig says:

    Really great analysis…thanks for taking time to research this stuff.

  11. KBS 22 says:

    Yeah ha ohh "Gaia" is A really great name for a girl or a woman, for a female, way to go, it's fantastic good job with the mythology inspiration doing, obvious explanation of humankind because maybe they were very small size dog is that the person was talking about or they were cavemen end it was visible from the outside because they were not wearing those stupid uptight uncomfortable and most certainly unattractive not sure how it is with men but for sure for women to wear those kind of jackets where it is a manifestation of the lack of good style to where Tomboy clothing, jackets like the one which poor Tom Cruise is made to wear I DK he was only 33 maybe he enjoyed it Bering dressing like this for Sue thin jacket and having his hair combed it this way sure it's just that he looked extremely babyish in this film on his young baby-looking face, it's not attractive is too preppy not authentic and completely not Virile, like a little guy who just finished high school Who is trying to act very serious of course Cruz is a good actor however the use on his face was barely credible

  12. KBS 22 says:

    Really??!! :DD oh how so how many penises is she going to receive I cannot believe an actress actually agreed to play that part and to be so unrevealed and nude, in some old abandoned opera I think it's really stupid that they made a fm gathering it's very infantile in this obviously is a woman

  13. KBS 22 says:

    ??????????? it's not a woman it's a vagina take a look it's naked and the genitalia are in full display, and the hairstyle I think that it's better than platinum blonde, nevertheless I don't see the reason why they put women in this film it's hurtful towards women

  14. KBS 22 says:

    ;)) :DD oh so cute the red cloak room the cloakroom is everything it's the cutest innocent little place in every classroom where you hang your coat I once got lost in there and couldn't find my jacket and stayed there through lunch because I don't have anyone to talk with no really intercourses where you cannot see the face of the other person and there is such a crowd I don't see the point of creating this film it's so serious like the first time someone went to an opera and was so fascinated or they went to Venice and brought it to the States where those two things don't really go together

  15. KBS 22 says:

    And my question is: do these men find it attractive to put in their organs and two women who are so ugly and unattractive and standing against the wall with no hair and a mask and some sort of tall body of a woman in a vagina and are they having fun at this moment completely incomprehensible

  16. KBS 22 says:

    Stupid! ;)) it's not an organ seen. Yeah really the fat person totally like anyone would believe that sure ha ha

  17. KBS 22 says:

    hahahhaha!!!!!! Yeah yeah mine control great….. ritual like those people didn't have their own lifes it's really disgusting and it's not even attractive I mean people dressed in black what is that nothing fun no one is attractive those people are ugly and unattractive why are they dressed like the red Ridinghood it's not attractive humanity it's not attractive human bodies there's nothing going on totally boring and the atmosphere oh please it looks like a church how stupid is that I don't see ONE attractive person do they even have genitalia doesn't seem so it's not even visible

  18. KBS 22 says:

    That's really disgusting the Rothschilds even the name how it sounds simple really disgusting filthy people collecting disgusting items like they didn't have anything better to do then collect some masks kind what kind of people they are the Roth Childs you know how many legends like that

  19. KBS 22 says:

    Of course,??????????????✌??⏯??? Venus is so beautiful <333 the most magical Goddess of all and one who deserves the greatest worship I think that Venus rules from time to time the most powerful figures of the solar system and the Earth which consists of rock minerals and the living

  20. KBS 22 says:

    They were pegging rituals and Benjamin Franklin's house? Oh yes sure sure of course This is not true this is just wishes and in purifying the history and historical figures of the United States they are just trying to blame people who had good biographies and the way that some people think it's nothing to talk about and especially create movies about that it's really bad taste and pathetic this has been since passed the middle ages in and the Antiquity nothing unusual it's like discovering a new Continent big festinating deal

  21. KBS 22 says:

    Human nature is not to exchange fluids with strangers it's disgusting and not hygienic

  22. KBS 22 says:

    Yuck, nature nature disgusting crowds

  23. You know….
    As this movie came out I ASBOLUTELY remember how this MASTERPIECE was ripped by pundits of great movie magazines…
    they said it was the worst Kubrick movie. They HAD to do this, because the owner of these companies were directly linked to the satanic spirit cooking rituals
    done by the high society, high level politicians and other wealthy company owners…

  24. So youtube is free? There's no secret super-power that controls it? Come on!
    Do exist masonic societies? Yes, they do. Do powerful people try to control masses for their business through psychological techniques? Yes, they do. That's all. There's no super group that rules the world. There are many different and not necessarily related secret society of powerful men. Do they use symbols and encrypted media to communicate each other? Yes, the do. They can't be recognizable without breaking democratic laws. With all these conspiracy theories you confuse more people making them feel powerless. It could be easier if the enemy was one instead of many.

  25. Vegan4Christ says:

    A few trunkloads of ammunition would level out a few levels of the pyramid of ultra-criminal retards playing dress up.

  26. kubrick's rubrick! He is a millennial magician, attempting to bring down the US, and establish a new world order by throwing out a few symbols with hints of a big role for the jewish kabbalah, the place from which all Satanism comes

  27. Lady Gaga ? My blobs make better view than what she shows God.

  28. Nice, clear concise, honest, expose, well done! keep up the good work!

  29. Xmas tree is Saturnalia and phallic symbol. Saturn worship. Pizza gate and that entire club of perverted death eaters could be referred to in this message from Kubrick. There is so much. We need to find those takes WB took out.

  30. Xmas tree is Saturnalia and phallic symbol. Saturn worship.

  31. He's a plastic surgeon who specializes in breasts in the movie. Tom is I mean.

  32. weishaupt writing about illuminati? um… any relation to the founder of the order? eerie.

    question: why, with so many hoax celebrity deaths and fake terror events with recycled mkultra actors, are we to believe kubrick was 'sacrificed' beyond merely his identity, where the man was merely given a new identity, and put into a occult protection program to play out a new role, that's the one thing that jumps out as a possible 'absolute' to maybe reframe as 'alleged death'. nice work btw.

  33. It's about Bolsheviks in Russia! Masked fake Russians spread of Communism through infiltration. You have to understand that. They wear Jews

  34. usertogo says:

    I saw the movie yesterday, and there is nothing wrong with clearing up the illusion that all things are not connected! I really loved the ending where she doesn't make a big scene but says 'I hope we are going to be awake for a long time now' and how the magic love can seal such an important insight!

  35. matthewanime says:

    clockwork orange is a brilliant film, way before its time

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