Illuminati Symbols Exposed: Vulcan Hand Sign


Illuminati Symbols Exposed: Vulcan Hand Sign.


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  1. PNR Frontman says:

    No! Not Limp Bizkit. You gotta have faith!

  2. There is some wrong info here. Kabala IS Jewish  and IS a part of Judaism. This is all part of THEIR Babylonian mysticism from ancient times. Jews run this satanic circus. Israel is not our friend and most jews are loyal to jews and Israel only. Next time they want us to go to war for them tell to forget it. Masonry is controlled by jews through infiltration over centuries.

  3. George Noel says:

    Keeping up I want to know more so I can avoid.

  4. I was taught it was a Jewish priest sign, but, I highly doubted it. What you presented makes the most sense. Thanks for another fascinating and edifying video. Praying for you every day.

  5. i love the opening of your videos! I'll never get tired of seeing Jesus punishing these satanic scum.

  6. Isaiah 48:17 says:

    I saw someone doing that sign in church. Thanks bro! Keep exposing these wolves in sheep's clothing

  7. "The star of David" Another illuminati symbol to expose in the future.

  8. Summer Rose says:

    yes, me too barely get my fingers open. Not comfortable or normal at all.

  9. geo-george1 says:

    Star Trek, aka Jews In Space

  10. Jess h. says:

    I thought it was a little odd when I saw it. pastor John haggie does this when he blesses the people after his sermon. He has to be a false prophet. thank you for this video.

  11. Earl Rhimer says:

    This represents Queen Marduk! From Switzerland.

  12. Don't judge me please but when I hear about what this world has become it makes me cry. I'm just a kid and I'm 13 years old. Christian btw. God bless you all and keep your faith strong.

  13. Lenard Nemoy said that it's the symbol that the Jewish priests used in Judaism, which he was a part of along with William Shatner.

  14. Hemlock says:

    How boring is this!!! Who cares about human sacrifices! You, speaker of this video, have an animal sacrifice every time you consume meat. Same thing!! It lives, it breathes, it feels pain, nutures its young, etc etc. Purify yourself, then be shocked.

  15. sbesostacked says:

    TRUE ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

  16. when i am 9 years old up until last year, my favorite hand sign is the "V" one or the "peace" sign because i thought it symbolises "Cute" or "kawaiii" so i dont stop. but after watching a video on youtube about it.. SHIT! no i am not illuminati! Gawd!
    so i stop it, and then now… this sign? i thought this sign signifies "hey, im cool, can you do this?" but WTF! ???

  17. Live long and prosper.

  18. Einherjar says:

    So we need to know the positive symbols to counter those.

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