Illuminati Symbols in Simpsons and Ducktales Cartoon


I couldn’t help bringing this up, or better say making a parallel between two cartoon seriesThe Simpsons and Ducktales, series that lots of people love and watch.

We also can tell that there is a hidden Illuminati symbol in almost every episode of The Simpsons and Ducktales. In the following pictures, some symbols are so obvious that you must see them, but in others, if you don’t pay close attention you could miss them. So, for those, here’s just a little hint – look for one-eye pyramid, Sun above the pyramid, sign of Europe (the goddess), letter “I” or anything you might find suspicious


Illuminati message in Ducktales

Disney’s “Ducktales,” a show that ran from 1987-1990, features some characters you may or may not be familiar with. But if you watch this video from 3:20-4:31 you will discover a subliminal message on an eye test on the back wall that encouraged cartoon viewers during this time (most likely youths) to “Ask About Illuminati.” What is interesting is that when they do a close up of the eye test it lessens its bold claim to a weird anagram a few times. See if you can decode this deception.


  Illuminati symbols in Duck Tales

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  1. Shawn Norton says:

    The pyramid and eye are on the dollar bill. Triangles are also very standard forms of geometry… if you look hard enough, you will find symbols in anything, even if they don’t exist.

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