Illuminati – Techniques To Control The Sheeple WTF



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  1. is there any more to this suddenly cuts off………..chilling and evil, and this is soooo true, exactly what they are doing and have been doing.

  2. Securityinc1 says:

    Here is the thing…theoretically, if God is love as stated in the bible, and the Only source of life and love, worshiping an idol, the sun, and "magic" is asking for death and hate. Its simple math at the very least, and a clue for any thinking mind.

  3. Securityinc1 says:

    I believe that evil will use whatever titles or books they choose to deceive and manipulate with, however by their fruit you will know them.

  4. Please include the location of the original clip in the description. Thx.

  5. Full Clip: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=nrVY12beC3k

  6. swift4grizz says:

    Right, that's why the apostles and countless believers were and are still being killed for believing what the Bible proclaims? The Bible is 100% opposed to what is going on in the world.

  7. if this was real they would not have let it just sit here for 2 years without taking action against it

  8. if people a long time ago saw the technology we have now that is used to brainwash they would tell you that it is magic 🙂

  9. all these things still happen right? so it doesnt matter if this video is up or not because it only have 4.7k views and people are too busy doing other things that doesnt matter.

  10. Those who see it, will be thought insane by those who can't.

  11. I think one of their biggest tools of controlling us is blocking our pineal gland or our spirit eye we have to detox our mind and body's that's what we still have available to us.

  12. So many asleep in the matrix!

  13. Rest says:

    the more you know

  14. I still wonder why so many people deny that this is true.there is so much I have cut out of my life that proves just how much better my life can be.turn off the tv and the pc more,be careful of what they use to lure you into their web.there are so many attacks,subtle attacks on people that you really have to watch out for them.everything has to be questioned.some find it  too tiring to do even that,and thus fall into the manipulation of mind simple,avoid passive entertainment,don't live solely to work (people's necessity to have more and more things in life).go back to morals and using your mind.nobody can think for you,so why do so many just swallow any bullshit the media says or what leaders and politicians say????? wake up…this is your life,your freedom,your entirety!

  15. have you got the full video ???? thanks

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