Illuminati Trump’s HANDSHAKE Exposed!


In this video I expose how the :TRUMP HANDSHAKE” that has become so famous is proof that Trump is a manipulator and deceiver using actual techniques. He is literally a master manipulator and the elite are able to use him in one of their biggest end times deceptions ever!


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  1. stupidest video by far .

  2. I'm unsubcribing. this is bullshit. #maga

  3. You are totally a Hillary shill. Your mad that bitch lost get over it. Trump is a man of god pastors around the world pray for him he was recently attacked by witches ALL OVER THE WORLD where was your "illuminati" video on that? Doesn't fit your narrative I see. Trump wants to put an end to the takeover of islam of the western world and your against that? Your against our nation rekindling with Israel? Gods people? Your nuts please take a moment to reflect and not everything is illuminati your misleading your viewers WikiLeaks has never been wrong on anything they release so please stop using jesus as a way to further your narrative you are retarded in my opinion.

  4. Yes trump is exposing the deep state. He is beating back the criminals, arresting thousands of pedophiles. I have never trusted cians. You are slandering professed Christians while ignoring YHWH even used pagan kings with good and bad hearts. The guy refuses to kick the homeless out of his lobby. Has helped thousands of individual humans not using a pr firm to brag- the people affectedCould not keep his request to not make a big deal about it. He says he is blessed to be able to help.But that handshake will keep him out of Gods kingdom even though he has given SO many of a little releif by backing off the agents of Satan that have been persecuting us for decades. I know showing a disdain for Islaam and a love for God ,the people using dozens of pastors from troubled communities to advise him could be a big trick- but i will count my blessings from God no matter who he uses. But we are all screwed because no one can live up to your righteous standanrds. If you really are a bro- you need to get the hell of youtube and spend it on your knees – little brother!

  5. Evad 1101 says:

    Mario may have all the symbolic facts when it comes to trump but I have the historical facts to back up that trump was planned. If you want, follow my channel.
    Trump could potentially ruin our economy. You have been fooled. Alex jones followers seem to be extremely brainwashed. It's scary.

    You voted a tv actor in office
    He's doing nothing but acting.
    He has no policies to back up what he's saying. He's lied to us about Russia and many other things. If some of you haven't been paying attention they're predicting a recession and for the stock market to crash this year and guess who will be in office while all of this is going on? The Simpsons predicted it. Trump would get in office and ruin our economy.

  6. NaSaKiD1000 says:

    u are controlled opposition. you work for the nsa.

  7. The president of the United States does not have enough power to be the "antichrist." The anichrist will not be a US president

  8. Margi Noser says:

    –Trump is an Illuminati-puppet and Zionist that is for sure …………

  9. You do know trump hates the illuminati and he actually done more in his first few months than Obama

  10. Man do you know what would have happened if Hillary got in?

  11. Omg you ppl are fucking Crazy you are stuck in a fucking Paradox can't you see that.Oh No Alex Jones is are puppet for the illuminati I need to expose that but wait ppl will think I'm part of the Illuminati to. Fuck me dead you ppl are stupid if you believe this shit I have been looking at this stuff for 7y and none of it is real get a grip of reality for your own mental sack

  12. triangle in this video Illuminati confirmed


  14. Dude you're an idiot. Are you back smoking the pot again? In my opinion you've lost all credibility especially after seeing you balling on your breakup video. Honestly all you ever vlog about is negative crap.

  15. The fact that people think a president these days mean anything worries me.

  16. CodeofComics says:

    @VigilantChristian President George Washington always said Political Parties would be the fall of America (not that I'm into any of this but It is an interesting fact)

  17. Jason Snyder says:

    6:20 That's very interesting. The Common Core Vocab book teaches children to use emotionally triggering words to get what they want too.

  18. Jason Snyder says:

    That unbalancing thing is also a key principle in Wing Chun. Disrupting the other guy's center gives you the power position.

  19. is Trump really a wolf in sheep's clothing? I think even his followers would liken him more to a ferocious wolf than a humble sheep. he does try to hide it though, so I do see your point.

  20. Matt S says:

    When are you going to challenge Jones to a debate Mario? If you're not an absolute coward you will do so but you are a coward and you damn well know this!!!!!

  21. Matt S says:

    Mario is just another hyperfeminized betamale who is most likely to be a closet liberal.

  22. Trump is NOT a true Christian. He has just used Bible and Jesus to gain favor with people. Majority of the world worship and follow the fake light "god" Lucifer. The way to heaven is narrow and few find to life. Why do people not believe what Jesus says in His Word? Test all with the Word of God and prayer. Follow Jesus, not any man/woman. Trump is part of the NWO.

  23. John Morel says:

    I hope this channel is just satire. If not you are extremely mentally ill and need medical attention.

  24. 238+ people who arent saved wow

  25. James says:

    So far most of what Trump has done has benefited our Christian rights and values. Tell me how this is bad again?? Regardless if u say it's controlled or not. He praises Jesus and exposes lies. Something you do yourself. We could say the same about u. How do we know you're not controlled opposition?? U see how u can make an argument for both sides and never be wrong? Let God be God and use Trump the way he has planned. God Bless

  26. Carmel Crunk says:

    Reading these comments, I can see why people refer to Christian conservatives as hypocrites! When Mario say Obama is illuminati, Christian conservatives be like, "Amen Brother Mario, you are the truth!" When Mario exposes Donald Trump as being the divider he truly is, Christian conservatives be like, "You shill, unsubscribing!" Get over yourselves! Pray that God reveals the truth about Trump to you! Most of y'all don't want to hear the truth! Just stuck in your own biased traditional ways. Don't put your trust in man! Put it in Jesus! God is love! Get some!

  27. okay mario, ive been subscribed to u for almost 2 years. but this is just dumb asf

  28. Your all going to hell when you die

  29. the handshakes are jokable but why make a video on it

  30. Judy Farrell says:

    Have you watched his hands when speaking to the Country? 666 all over the place! 🙂

  31. Mario. You do not know that Trump is of the darkness, that is just your gut feeling and handshakes prove nothing. You will just have to wait and see. What will you do, if you are wrong, and the Prophets (the late Kim Clement and Mark Taylor) were correct with their prophetic words? You will lose all credibility.

  32. 10-Facts says:

    You dont have any real proof with this illuminati stuff, why would illuminati reveal themselves with triangles, handshakes and songs. you are very delusional and need professional help. You are not serving Gods Will by doing delusional videos and telling people to belive in Conspiracy theories.

  33. Mario and in case you didnot know it… Trump is Hillarys cousin. All belong to the same shit.

  34. Mario A says:

    cloud you please show a video with other Mason's doing the same? all I see is a very strong hand shake.

  35. JohnnyLaw says:

    I think you are wrong on this one.

  36. It's a handshake. It's a little awkward, but nothing "Illuminati".

  37. this is like a witch hunt. let it go. I usually enjoy your video as but this. is too much.

  38. David B says:

    I love your videos man but please stick to Canadian politics and leave American politics alone you don't even know what you're talking about now

  39. Sands says:

    As soon as I saw those compilations on YouTube I knew something was off and he was doing it purposely, pulling them forward to establish his power (or troll, look at his Twitter). I don't see how this is an illuminati handshake and NLP isn't just for the illuminati. Marketers and businessmen/women are supposed to manipulate people like it or not, that is the mindset to make money. There are no magic words you can say to get someone to do things they wouldn't normally do, this isn't the Harry Potter universe. You can increase your chances of them listening to you and considering what you have to say from your own body language, tone, clothes and phrases though. You are making it seem like this big bad thing when it's not, you think other politicians aren't trying to manipulate people into voting for them? Come on. I am no trump supporter either, and he is controlled opposition to me. All these conspiracy theorists forgetting that your vote doesn't matter.

  40. Vigilant Christian please hold a live service so I can ask you about the Bible

  41. Forget the handshake, he gives the triple 6 hand sign several times during all of his speeches… even during the inauguration. He's been doing it since his campaign, that's how I knew he was going to win.

  42. Albert Pike “whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him"

  43. Alex Jones is controlled opposition for the Illuminati (video coming soon) Stay tuned! Time to EXPOSE the REAL Truth!

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