Illuminati – Truth About Aliens Full Documentary


A mind boggeling and thought-provoking dive into the existence of UFOs and Aliens. Illuminati – Truth About Aliens Full Documentary.


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  1. The truth will soon be ousted. it's getting to obvious that things are not as they seem!

  2. El McCinry says:

    were the. fuck are my comments going because they don't appear to me

  3. I believe they are demons.

  4. Feel free to follow Disclosure Project and Project Camelot if you
    want confirmation that we are not alone. You can also connect to ETs
    yourself if you`re spiritually awakened and have your third eye chrakra
    center activated. They can communicate with us telepatically because
    they`re very advanced compared to us.

    They are being very careful in their approach because they know that the
    human race is very fearful and hostile towards the unknown. The last
    thing they want is to create more fear and panic. However,
    during meditions, if you put out an intention that you want to
    communicate with positive ETs in a friendly way, they will definately
    respond in some shape or form, just give it some time. The majority of
    them have unconditional love for us, they only want to help us to become more enlightened and peaceful.

    Many races are coexisting with us on Earth, but since they reside on a
    higher dimension of reality we are unable to see them, but that dosen`t
    mean that they`re not there.

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