EIDOS Montreal released the latest installment of the video game franchise, DEUS EX, a game about TRANSHUMANISM, The ILLUMINATi, and FALSE FLAG …


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  1. First of all, who plays this game… second now they really putting the truth right in front of us. Damn we still have people who don't believe We have been set up!

  2. James Mighty says:

    Transhumanism is also a huge part of their agenda. They want humans to fall in love with cybernetics and make them one with technology by making humanity a cyborg. Satan's ultimate goal is to dwell in God's temple which is the human body.
    You should also try exposing "Tom Clancy;s: The Divison"

  3. ImperialToad says:

    little sprinkles of truth all around us

  4. Mr. Kupopo says:

    I see why the main characters' name is Adam .. as in 2nd Adam, false Christ.. false Savior…

  5. Mr. Kupopo says:

    @18:28 good catch I would've never noticed that …

  6. Mr. Kupopo says:

    Isn't 47 the number of Lucifer?

  7. gntluvr says:

    Your videos are the best man, i didn't want this one to end!

  8. shamillions says:

    Thanks BC wow at the hitman game.

  9. Ms1201lucky says:

    This mess is sickening. Thank GOD he has already prepared a place for these satanists!

  10. Hah "SQUARE" Enix


  11. If it is in thou eyes, pluck it out, it is better to be a Free man with no eyes, than a slave with two eyes.
    If it is in thou ears, cut it off, it is better to be a Free man with no ears, than a slave with two ears.
    If it is in thou hands, cut it off, it is better to be a Free Man with no hands, than a slave with two hands.

    But not everyone got the GUTS to pluck it out or cut it off, so they CHOSE to REMAIN THE SAME (Slavery) instead of to CUT IT OFF (CHANGE) because it is EASY and it comes FREE of Charge, you don't actually have to do anything to be a Slave, so it seems Easy for Lazy people instead of doing something about it which seems very difficult and not every Man/Woman can do that (SOMETHING).

    Hey, at least it is you who got to CHOSE………..#KAPP

  12. LauriD62 says:

    it's always the same shit… I just want to throw up . I fast forwarded all the long bc I don't watch this shit… no way.

  13. LauriD62 says:

    they are all very ugly as in real life.

  14. Truly are last day, things is going get worse.

  15. Good looking out BC, always informative as always

  16. Zio Zionisi says:

    I did not play Mankind Divided yet. I have played Deus Ex, Deus EX: Invisible War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: The Fall, Project Snowblind (which was supposed to be a Deus Ex game), and read many of the books. I will say that EVERY ONE OF THOSE GAMES DOES NOT FORCE A CHOICE ON YOU. YOU CAN CHOOSE on your own what you think is right or wrong. You can side with the "transhuman" agenda or against it. If anything the very first game which was released in 2000 was implying how corrupt and evil the Illuminati was/is. The game was way ahead of it's time and talking about the Illuminati long before everyone under the sun with a youtube account has been talking about it. I agree with the Black Child that they are showing false flag events. The original Deus Ex is actually not in chronological order. Mankind divided takes place before it. The original talks about fema camps. Very interesting stuff.

  17. Zio Zionisi says:

    Excellent video The Black Child. Subscribed.

  18. Morbid says:

    The last clip was what happened to CAPITAL STEEZ

  19. Kai Kai says:

    Hidden in plain sight. And yet, how many more will catch on?

  20. pooty tang says:

    Thanks The Black Child, I appreciate your work. The global islamic caliphate is real. The illuminatti NWO use it as a tool to create the chaos before the order. Whether you're talking about illuminati, freemasons, jihadi's, luciferians ect. ect. They all ultimately operate as different functioning parts of the same hive mind with the all seeing eye of the beast system satan giving the directives.

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