ILLUMINATI WARNING!?! – Deep Web Browsing 37


Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar! This time we take a look at a “red room” as well as some sites that seem to siphon money out of fools and even see a warning …


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  1. Great video man, always appreciate your humor and how long the videos in the series are.

  2. Christa Kwon says:

    You have to read what the adults wrote on the pictures they drew. Oh dear.

  3. What about a series or episode about cicada 3301??

  4. Lewis Conroy says:

    Can you do a video showing your method of finding these sites

  5. please keep them coming bro do some more satanic stuff

  6. Zircon M says:

    The men in the image giving the 'deathstare' in the deep web video are members of a secret society called Skull and Crossbones, if you go to google images and search Secret Society Skull and Crossbones that image is the first one that shows up.

  7. Chris Fox says:

    I can't wait to hear your video on Mariana's web. Its a super interesting fictional concept, at least the version I heard about. The version I heard about said like, its a layer of the internet only reachable by quantum computers that contains a superintellegent time-travelling AI that is basically god.

  8. Marko M says:

    The audio in the video is from a heavens gate video, I recently saw it, it may be from the goodbye video. Bohemian Grove is from a play, the other images are just random shit, definitely an edgy art project

  9. Erik Valdez says:

    lol is a disposable email address thing

  10. What are you going to do about those scum bags? Piece of advice STOP them from killing that person.

  11. This is one of the funnier episodes in my opinion.

  12. Who the fuck wants to watch some die like seriously fuckin just why don't you overdose and slit wrists and watch yourself die

  13. Marcin W says:

    Just another 40 minutes chilling with ur dope uncle mutahar

  14. hey muta long time watcher first time commenter on your deep web browsing. Ok so after seeing the part in this video about the temple of true inner light i have to say that they are actually right it has been historically documented on many occasions in many different countries that the first people to acknowledge the existence of higher beings ( gods djinn angels demons and so forth ) were either shaman seers oracles even prophets were under the influence of substances with mind altering affects for example moses and the burning bush. So as we know weed aka marijuana has been in use for thousands of years but not very well is the fact that very few people smoked it so you can imagine that moses in his venerable age would be tripping balls standing close to a marijuana burning but this is just an example. i would hope that some one of your intelligence would realize that only someone totally out of their head on mind altering substances would think to belive that we were created by some higher being with no real reason as far we can see other than to watch us live and die just thought that you could use the view of someone who is a non beliver of higher beings but has tried all of the substances mentioned and a fare few that aren't but has still had as you could call religious revelations of higher beings and planes of existance.

  15. Hm maybe OTO stuff or perhaps Golden Dawn.

  16. doge fm says:

    you finally wised up, muthar. deep web is just a scam for evil and bored people

  17. when talking about the video you missed one of the slides
    not overly intresting but it did show up for just a split second here it is

  18. My way to experience mutahar, pop in AC4, hop in my boat, sail the seas, and watch mutahar

  19. Anything is possible, we only know what we are told. Cant deny anything even if its crazy… Might not be so crazy.

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