Illuminati Will Burst China’s Bubble

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The Illuminati have chosen China  to be the main producer/ manufacturer of the NWO. China’s economy is completely artificial. The stated economic justifications for China’s current rise are lies, and a veil for an agenda.

by David Richards

The mainstream media generally portray the US as a dying giant and China as an unstoppable rising power.

And yet, both countries have virtually the same debt-to-GDP levels. The US has $15 trillion worth of debt and a GDP of just over $14 trillion, while China has a GDP of $5.8 trillion and debts of $5.7 trillion.

So why is China portrayed as being strong? Because, as the Goldman Sachs graph shows, over the next 40-years the Illuminati plan to weaken the US and strengthen China. Economics are a veil for an agenda.

China is picked to be the economic powerhouse of the New World Order.

A 2003 projection of the world’s economies by Goldman Sachs ‘predicts’ that China’s GDP will overtake the US in 2040. By 2050 China’s GDP will have reached $45,000 billion, leaving the US a distant second with $35,000 billion. Germany, the powerhouse of the EU, will only have a GDP of $2,500 billion.

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This projection is at odds with China’s current economic weakness. The economy is fueled by a construction bubble that should have burst years ago.

Recently Larry Lang, an economics professor and Chinese TV personality, gave a speech spelling out China’s dire economic predicament

He calculates China’s debt to be about 36 trillion yuan (US$5.68 trillion). This calculation is reached by adding up Chinese local government debt (between 16 trillion and 19.5 trillion yuan, or US$2.5 trillion and US$3 trillion), and the debt owed by state-owned enterprises (another 16 trillion). The combined interest on these debts is a colossal two trillion yuan per year.

Lang believes China is bankrupt and can’t understand why the country isn’t in economic free-fall. By his memorable calculation ‘every province in China is Greece.’ Why aren’t they imploding like Greece?

China’s economy is completely artificial. According to Lang, private consumption makes up just 30% of Chinese economic activity.

In 2010, 70% of GDP came from infrastructure construction, including real estate development, railways, and highways. An investment banker recently described China’s construction bubble as the ‘greatest bubble in history.’

Clearly, China cannot afford to fuel this bubble itself. The Illuminati bankers fuel it to aid the country’s development.


The Illuminati like a country to be in monstrous debt so they can crash its economy at will, and use the IMF to hijack the country’s political system and major corporations.

It is likely that China will experience an economic collapse once it reaches the desired level of development.

This is what happened to South Korea, one of the  ‘Asian Tigers’ that crashed in 1997. Like China, South Korea had been going through a rapid period of growth, posting growth figures of 6-10% each year, due to having a protected economy receiving plenty of overseas investment.

However, once South Korea reached the desired level of development, the bankers crashed their economy and took full control of the country.

South Korea needed IMF loans to survive. Before the South Korean general election in 1998, the IMF took the unprecedented step of demanding that all Presidential contenders agreed to their will.

In the ‘re-adjustment process’ all the major South Korean corporations were sold off to foreign investors, e.g. General Electric bought a controlling share in the technology giant LG.

The same scam could be pulled on China.

The Illuminati have put China on a rapid course of development, while keeping the country under their control by making it an economic powder keg that can be lit at any time.

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  1. Zenith Sovereign February 1, 2012 at 8:55 pm - Reply

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    Section Six: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme
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  2. someone January 11, 2012 at 7:11 am - Reply

    If this article is true, then why is India being invested in artificially (by the same west) in opposition to china?

  3. Masonicon December 30, 2011 at 8:58 am - Reply

    this is what once happened in my country in 1997: it become economic Powder Keg

  4. EndgameResetter December 30, 2011 at 8:08 am - Reply

    This was published way before North Korea Ex premier Kim Jong II departure last week

    Can u imagine someone can predict someone else “death”?
    Most probably this is “their” timeline agenda. N Korea will be “their” new superpower toyboy. Do u go against them or u just go against their puppet?
    It is the same game between u and with “their” powerful existing puppet politician/congressman/USA. Descendant of Adam and Eve, wake up and unite.

  5. Link December 30, 2011 at 4:24 am - Reply

    the nwo freaks will not grasp china through a financial war and thats a fact.

    pakistan however is being sold from the outside in and inside out.
    unlike america it is from the inside out.

    what do you see in the values of political bodies nowadays whether your from america, pakistan, and what not? nothing more but a bunch of lifeless rag dolls.

    the aggressors of the nwo sees china as a threat to their master plan, with all their money in the world they will deceivingly try and buy china’s friendship, sadly for the nwo aggressors the chinese are good at remembering their history and it was a cruel and harsh lesson for them.

    there is a change in the game, and the winner of this game of winner takes all will be covered in red. (when u think about it, they are both in red :P) surely this time it will be china on top of the food chain and you know the chinese will eat anything that moves.

    when this happens there will be a very long years in the dark ages of anything that is holy,
    nothing will be humane and the holy will label a new definition to the meaning of human and man.

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