Illuminati/Satanic MK Ultra Mind Control Victim: Arizona Wilder


Warning Extremely Graphic! David Icke Interviews Arizona Wilder. I think she’s mixing truth with lies and she sounds like she’s still under mind control. Please let …


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  1. Ed Soderlind says:

    hillary clinton is a suck ass

  2. Reptiles? Give me a break.

  3. soft spoken anunaki

  4. Sentinel says:

    so this is why Africans or Moors or related melanated people hardly get abducted…hmmm

  5. no what it is is under mk ultra mind control the people are hypnotized and people including the Bush's stand behidn a holographic image which when they started this there wasn't all this technology we now have and they appeared behind these holographs as lizard reptilians. Fritz springmeier mk researcher expert mentions this.
    every person he has ever encountered that claims to have seen extra terrestrial beings or claiming humans are reptilians were under some form of mind control. Now days we could see this happening but back in the sixties before this techonology they just belived what they seen. We have to understand that those powers that be are fifty years ahead of the public technology wise htat is how they so accurately predict when a technology will be "discovered" it is already here just not public knowledge. REad Cathy Obrien and Brice Taylors stories this stuff is really going on since learnign about it i have met hundreds of peopel with personal testimonies all almost identical

  6. Josef Mengelle aka Doctor Green programmed many other slaves as well he was nazi Germany

  7. the drug she mentions in pituitary gland is adrenalchrome

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