Imam Suhaib Webb on “The Arrivals” conspiracy series


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  1. why does this guy speak ebonics?

  2. tremills88 says:

    Its disgraceful because its not his natural tone. I can understand if you have been raised in an urban environment obviously you're going to develop that accent if everyone around you speaks that way, regardless of your race. Lots of sincere Muslims brothers black and white speak like that naturally. But Suhaib grew up in suburban Oklahoma and I've heard him speak in his natural tone and its nothing like this.He fakes this accent to sound more hip which is unnatural and sad. Allah SWT guide him

  3. tremills88 says:

    Its scary because Imam Suhaib is being promoted as the future voice of American Islam and not once have I ever heard him talk about Ad- Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, or the return of Isa AS. Matter of fact I rarely ever him Imams in the US talking about these topics when its evident the times are near and all Prophets of Allah SWT warned their people about this. Im terrified for American Muslims due to their ignorance and isolation from rest of the ummah.

  4. Jay samuel says:

    asalaam wa alaikum youre right brother . there should be a balance. its good to know whats going on aswell . you cant shut your eyes and ears .you got to know what is around you and know how to respond to it . peace

  5. Other scholars are talking about it in detail. I do not know about Imam Suhaib but I have heard about it from Sh Hamza. They are talking about the matters that are immediately important.

  6. Kx7pl 5 says:

    this is pretty much his natural voice, when he;s more relaxed maybe he speaks more ghetto…may Allah us all, amin

  7. Kx7pl 5 says:

    may Allah guide us all*

  8. Kx7pl 5 says:

    he grew up in hip hop culture around black dudes I think so he got a ghetto accent sort of

  9. Where was this speech given? Malaysia?

  10. Ion j says:

    When I was obsessed wit "arrivals" I wasnt even doing the basic things as a Muslim like salah. Not even doing anythin good in anyway. EVERYone I knew who watched the series were the same(till now). There are so many things wrong about the series that I noticed even back when I loved it. & now years later. I stumbled upon the good vids like nouman khan etc. thnk god now I can proudly say, Im a true practicing Muslim. No problem watchin arrivals, but dont rely on it. It doesnt relate to our Islam.

  11. Yuhda Huda says:

    There are people who exaggerate conspiracies AND there are those who downplay conspiracies…BEWARE OF BOTH TYPES ! This clip is of the latter! Ignorance of your past will allow your enemies to repeat their tricks on you! "A Mu'min is one who is not bitten from the same hole twice" (Sahih Muslim)

  12. Here's how I see it:-

    Us normal people > Corrupt Politicians > Freemasons > Illuminati > Satan
    Us normal people > Satan

    If we have a direct connection with Satan, why not focus mostly on that?

  13. Legi0n says:

    Idiots is right. Because all many Muslims do Is blame these conspiracies for everything.

    Boston Bombings? Illuminati.

    9/11? Illuminati.

    Need to spread information about the deen? They won't do it, because the Illuminati will find them.

  14. paul sanders says:

    Yes it is true that the muslims were fully aware of the beliefs of the quraish and mushrikeen and the jews and would spy on them. muslims do not know what the leaders of the country believe in. they study christianity and think they got it all figured out. it is incumbant for some muslims in the community to know what exactly these people are what there beliefs and what there goals and aspirations are.

  15. paul sanders says:

    to say we don't need to know allah is protecting us it will be allright is ghaflah under the false pre-tense of iman. ghaflah cowardice and good headedness. alot of muslims nowadays are goodheaded. meaning they have a good opinion about everything. stay away from this, this isn't the path of spirituality it is the path of ghaflah. U can't find any understanding similar to this when u read about the pious men in the past the salaf or the sahaba.

  16. paul sanders says:

    worry about your dunya but not about the muslims worldwide or what's going on in america. muslims of the 21st century. the reality of this alot of times is that people just want to think goodheaded of things sit back relax and enjoy there dunya. this includes scholars.

  17. paul sanders says:

    trust in Allah but tie your camel. first let us wipe off the dust of the age old disk that we've stored on the shelf called tawakul in Allah. then tie the camel. saving and hording large amounts of money goes against tawakul.

  18. paul sanders says:

    You can't be serious aying Allah is protecting and providing for us so why worry about masons while hording large sums of money. this is no more than lightheadedness. It is the muslims fault why we're in the conditions we're in but there was a sabab. a cause. min al jinati wanas. the people who whisper from jinn and mankind. if it is acceptable to say shaitan tricked someone into a sin it is also acceptable to say masons or television does too. they are shaitan

  19. paul sanders says:

    the hizbushaitan or awliyahushaitan are mentioned in qur'an and described. shaitans helpers supports. the scholars mentioned that these are a clique of shayateen that conspire against the muslims throughout times. there's allways been a clique of human shayateens running the oppressive societies behind the scene.s like the oracle at delphi or the magicians of egypt. all of those ancient pagan societies had these secret satanic cliques. it's called freemasonry now.

  20. jahir khan says:

    Calling brothers idiot
    Why didnt you follow the sunnah
    Do the actions first by giving food yourself n then perhaps telling brothers off for not giving food
    Preaching with words with the absence of sincere actions is a minor hypocrisy.
    You had no right to tell them off, you could advice them
    You know the sunnah of our prophet pbuh gentleness towards people n they way you interacted with your companion isn't a correct manner!

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