“Impeach Obama” Banner May Fly Over Super Bowl


by Keith Koffler

A group of anti-Obama Facebook groups are planning to fly an “Impeach Obama” Banner over this year’s Super Bowl.

The groups, Impeach Obama Tea Party, Stop Obama Now-San Diego, and Boycott Oprah, say they recently flew the banner over the Rose Bowl Parade Jan. 2. Here’s a video:


Whether they can actually achieve their next goal is unclear to me. I assume, given the potential for terrorism, there are serious overflight restrictions with respect to the Super Bowl.

The game will be played February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Short of the Super Bowl, the groups plan to do Impeach Obama banner flyovers of various cities and other sporting events. They are also be considering expanding their purview with an “Impeach Obama/Holder” banner, adding Attorney General Eric Holder into the mix.

It looks like they plan to continue flying the banners over the next year.

Or, I suppose, until Obama is impeached.


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  1. Archie1954 says:

    Impeach Obama? Gee I must have missed the news the day they announced he’d been playing around on his wife.

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