Implications of Neutrino for Mental Liberation from Illuminati Construct



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  1. harmoniedot says:

    Yes…the dream is turning into a nightmare. We are trying to wake up but there is this barrier to break through. Once we realise that we are projecting the nightmare and creating the demons we can become lucid and change the picture.

  2. TheseEyesGod says:

    I truly love your vision, my friend. I find no clearer vision, anywhere, concerning The Observation "Problem" or issue. In you, it comes into wholeness. When you speak out of this it is so exciting – a higher vision you bring.

    I like how you make it practical – as in the Holland research and the CERN discovery. You make it real for those whose understanding was still theoretical. Thank you, Dimitri. You definitely add to the world-wide conversation.

  3. TheseEyesGod says:

    I'm fond of saying, "Seeing IS doing." By taking a watch-and-observe stance from within the being – many times simple observing of the self will bring about changes. What is neutrally observed – without criticism or interference, just simple watching – will often disappear, once it is seen.

    So that, if I tend to have a negative response to a certain phrasing or statement or even a person – observing that, impartially, can often bring a sort of healing – a dissolving of what underlies. Amazing

  4. google+sucks says:

    Very well said! The power control force made the mistake of not properly observing the people during this time of great amounts of information available to what they consider subspecies. They lost control and became the observed.

  5. supercell42 says:

    I'm trying to find your video where you talk about the monster that we perceive within the shadow only being there to defy the denier in us…any chance you could point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  6. To be much alone makes the subconsious come to the surface…its always people who brainwash you if they are in an 'unconsious state' as i call it. I try to avoid every kind of distractions…i just enjoy the moment.. btw.i love videogames, and sometimes i just feel esctatic by doin nothing 🙂

  7. time travel, and faster then light travel is possible.

  8. 44MagnumOpus says:

    The"current" order
    electron compared to people leaving home to work&then returning .
    In many physical phenomena,electricity, magnetism,&thermal conductivity, electrons play an essential role.An electron in motion relative to an observer generates a magnetic field,&will be deflected by external magnetic fields. When an electron is accelerated,it can absorb or radiate energy in the form of photons.electrons contribute less than 0.06% to an atom's total mass.
    -Electing a current administrator

  9. TheseEyesGod says:

    Hi, again. Attaching another video response to your great work. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  10. don dee says:

    my god , this is the heaviest message i have heard, and it makes sense , that the watchers in society, by the act of watch are creating prison planet.

  11. jom james says:

    There is no master without slaves

    Sadly slaves can rarely recognize this…but perhaps they will

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