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Our Earth turns counter-clockwise. In Timaeus, Plato described the shifting in the Earth’s crust as follows: “The globe helps make all types of actions, forwards and backwards and then downward, wandering in all instructions.” This uncommon portrayal of the actions of the Earth’s surface area properly describes a polar reversal. At the finish of 2012, as soon as the polar reversal has taken place, the Earth will start out rotating clockwise. At this time the Earth’s crust will have shifted, pushing North The united states in the course of the pole. It will appear to be as if the Earth is going itself in all instructions: from remaining to ideal and from under to previously mentioned and vice versa. There are lots of instructions the continents can go in! But where will they finish up?

Fourteen thousand several years in the past the experts of Aha-Guys-Ptah calculated that their total continent would be ruined totally, come 9792 BC. With terrific certainty, they realized how the Earth would start behaving. It is remarkably probable that they dependent their predictions on the polar shift of 29,808 BC. They will have to have speculated that the same form of shift would consider place in 9792, but in reverse, major them to the summary that the continents would drift back again in the opposite course. Right after several calculations they also figured out that their entire continent would come to be the South Pole and would for that reason freeze over and come to be uninhabitable. For that rationale they made a decision to lay plans for a mass exodus to consider place on that fateful day. Many were being equipped to escape regardless of the multitude of challenges they encountered, among the them, a civil war.

Escape and Overpopulation
Because the Atlanteans experienced hundreds of several years of preparing to endure the last cataclysm, there are billions, as a substitute of tens of hundreds of thousands, of men and women dwelling in the globe these days. Getting this into thing to consider, we experience an unlucky moral and ecological problem: would it be better that a terrific several or that only a crucial handful of need to endure? For the time getting, this problem need not be answered. Couple know about the forthcoming catastrophe. Even less are convinced of getting actions to assure anyone’s survival. Probably only a handful of thousand will endure, a minute portion of the share that survived twelve thousand several years in the past.

The causes we will suffer this sort of devastation are easy: lack of preparing and arranging. The last time a polar shift happened, the Atlanteans were being geared up. They experienced built ample unsinkable boats to carry every person off the continent. They experienced also devised an evacuation plan, which they practiced in preparing for the coming occasion. Presently, there are handful of ships accessible to the community that will withstand the devastation of a polar reversal. There is no plan for escape.

A Catastrophic Shift?
In the occasion a polar shift of higher magnitude than expected need to take place, all our current plans could be futile that is to say, in a situation this sort of as one whereby the current polar landmasses would shift all the way to the equator in a very quick interval of time. This sort of a drastic shift would have disastrous outcomes on planetary existence.

In the July 25th 1997 challenge of Science magazine, there is printed evidence that this sort of a monumental polar shift can take place. The facts were being collected by researchers of the California Institute of Engineering and relate to a interval of 535 million several years in the past. Geologists at the California Institute found out “that a change of ninety degrees experienced happened in the turning course of the Earth’s axis.” Landmasses that were being formerly located at the North and South Poles slid all around the Earth and stopped on the equator. Two opposite points that were being formerly located on the equator became the new poles. The researchers compiled the proof found at the base of stones deposited in the course of and following this interval of time, and found out geophysical evidence that all the major continents were being subject to an impulse motion, a fast, catastrophic rotation of terrific proportions involving the total Earth’s crust.

Need to we encounter a catastrophe of the same magnitude as pointed out previously mentioned, our numbers will greatly reduce. Couple habitable places will be remaining on Earth for some time thanks to the simple fact that the land less than the South Pole is frozen and buried beneath great quantities of ice. When freshly located at the equator, the continent will need time to soften prior to everyone will be equipped to reside there. Presently habitable places will come to be colder and considerably less equipped to sustain existence.

According to the facts, a shift this drastic has not happened in 535 million several years. However  chances are that this could be when it comes about once more. A slight polar shift is disastrous ample a ninety-degree polar shift would be a critical nightmare!

The existing theory rests on a shift of thirty, perhaps forty degrees a bit farther than the prior shift. The for a longer period the sun contains its vitality, the more electric power there will be to unleash when it arrives time to launch it. A fairly more substantial shift in the Earth’s surface area framework is envisioned, but in the opposite course than what took place in 9792 BC. Let’s hope the conservative estimate is genuine.

This provides us back again to locating probable sites that could deliver ample area for human survival. The Earth’s crust is fairly rigid so the condition of the continental landmasses need to not deviate a great deal from their pre-catastrophic forms. Considerable variances can take place, but the total need to keep on being more or considerably less the same nevertheless, some sections will increase previously mentioned sea stage, while many others will sink under it.

The sliding all around of the lithosphere is what results in us the biggest consternation.  When the crust loses its anchor, the continents will go all around on the surface area of the Earth this will restrict the variety of accessible choices for habitation. Doing some homework although, we could be equipped to map out some eventualities in advance, dependent on a shift of thirty to forty degrees for North The united states. The fact following the catastrophe, optimistically, need to not differ a great deal from at the very least one of our designs. These designs make it probable to choose out quite a few starting off points for a new civilization. Pessimistically, the shift can transform out very distinct from our predictions, so we need to retain our selections as wide open as probable. Need to a starting off place are unsuccessful to be appropriate, we need to have a handful of backup areas decided on to consider its place.

The assembly sites we are choosing are vital to men and women who want to endure the tidal wave with the assistance of unsinkable boats. Right after the catastrophe men and women in these boats will be divided from many others in their boats, huge distances of wide-open ocean involving them. Teams of survivors will be totally alone, adrift on the open sea. Without the need of a good plan, chances for continued survival are trim the odds of restarting a new civilization devoid of these men and women diminish. The greater the group, the better are our chances for survival. By setting up probable conference sites beforehand, we are featuring everybody the capacity to achieve a new place they can connect with household where they will meet up with many others who have the same objective in brain. In get to create this fact, we need to consider the adhering to into account:

Meeting sites need to be prioritized and restricted to a specific number—a optimum of 5 assembly sites for every model. In get for us to endure the “nuclear wintertime”, designated conference sites have to be located as shut to the equator as probable.

According scientific calculations, choices would have to be located in the adhering to places:

* South The united states (someplace at the peak of Lake Titicaca)
* Africa (Dragon Mountains)
* Asia (India, Thailand or Borneo)

We will be submitting our choices of desired conference sites on our web-site prior to the fatal date.

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