Incredible real UFO in the sky. UFO 2017


Incredible real UFO in the sky. UFO 2017

це відео створено за допомогою Відеоредактора YouTube (


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  1. Freiflug says:

    3 Lightballs are 1 Fly-all Matter is invisible because Highradiofrequenz-–only the Engine som lighting up are visible because that are Mikrowaves –thats is it and alltime are 3 Balls in Formation—oh my God,Humans must see that,or not???all fly same speed and move togehter–thats is what tesla have made secret in home-haha–verry easy now u have Mikrowave,magnets,and highradiofrequenz som reaktiv with Hydrogen som send sound mutch faster en Oxygen–so all vibretet so fast and be invisible for Human Eyes–all Impuls are in resonanz and destroy all magnetic Fields arround them–fuck so easy-why Humans can not built that self??a Bird go on the same prinzip-all som move made the same Force–i Understand the Nordics at Humans are primitiv som befor and have nothing learn about nature in the last 6500 years–ONLY WAR AND MONOPOL ARE HUMAN WORK–SO AGAINST THE AGENDA OF SPACEPEOPLES AND ALIENS SOM HAVE A AGENDA AGIANST WAR AND ATOMPOWER

  2. руки оторвать за такую съемку

  3. Josue GS says:

    ive seen these type of formations here in Guerrero, Mexico

  4. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. Love from Sweden

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