Independence Day: Resurgence | Extended HD Trailer #3 | 2016


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  1. RIFT Designs says:

    who is the girl's dad? The guy with the beard? Former president? or that Area 51 guy?

  2. pema gyurmey says:

    Finally I've found full Independence Day: Resurgence here =>

    Independence Day: Resurgence | Extended HD Trailer #3 | 2016

  3. John Dough says:

    Aliens..ah ah ah ah…find a way.

  4. John Dough says:

    Hillary Clinton cameos as the alien queen.

  5. Change your apartment, change the world.

  6. Ryan Richert says:

    my body is ready

  7. 19580822 says:

    I'll go see it and cross my fingers. Hope Brent Spiner gets more screen time than the first movie. The only other sci-fi movie I'd like to see a sequel to is Cloverfield and please, PLEASE, don't do the found-footage thing again.

  8. Tlopez2151 says:

    I won't be surprised if this movie makes a billion dollars at the box office

  9. Spencer Berg says:

    We can't win lol

  10. nick nick says:

    CGI good.

    Movie very, very bad.

  11. gib says:

    is this Infinite Warfare trailer 2

  12. love this new infinite warfare trailer! !!!

  13. i thought the guy at 2:22 was Eugene from buzzfeed lol

  14. Julio Lopez says:

    I feel old lol but this will be great!!!!!

  15. Rick. cyc says:

    Trump: let's build a wall around earth

  16. Roland just cant stop making earth-destruction movies. Its like an addiction for him.

  17. Chillster says:

    Infinite Warfare: The Movie

  18. Glen Conley says:

    looks like a great movie

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