India Moves Second BrahMos Regiment Toward Pakistan Border

truther March 8, 2012 0
Akhtar Jamal
With the start of a new massive military exercise along Pakistan border India on Sunday, moved its second BrahMos supersonic cruise missile regiment in Rajasthan sector close to Sindh frontier.
The induction of an additional regiment coincided with a fresh test of an updated verion of BrahMos missile apparently to “validate the unit’s operationalisation.”An army spokesman on Sunday was quoted as saying” “In conformity and pursuit of operational and strategic surface to sruface missile capability development, the second MrahMos unite of Indian Army has been operationalised somewhere in the western sector”.BrahMos has the capability of attacking surface targets by flying as low as 10 meters above the ground. It can reach a speed of Mach 2.8 or close to three times of speed of sound. Meanwhile defence observers have confirmed to this scribe that troops belonging to U.S. 25th Infantry Division were already in India to take part in a joint exercise.

The sources added that more than 200 American soldiers and officials were already present in India along with most advanced military hardware.

Indian sources had already confirmed that around sixty troops from American special forces and an equal number from the Indian Army’s 3 Para (Special Forces) were gearing up to take part in another wargame.

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