India ready for world war 3


( No photos only video footage ) For people who doubt about the strength of the Indian Army . This video shows how the Indian army among the most powerful army in the world …


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  1. akash sharma says:

    most countries are now nuclear capable therefore all countries are now equal it dosent matter how large force u have u just need 1 nuclear bomb to destroy everything 

  2. It is frightening how the people believe that a nuclear world war is the same as the Olympics.
    The warmongers who want to conjure up these World War promise prosperity and economic growth, and they claim that a nuclear apocalypse, is more desirable than peace, love and freedom.
    The reality is that such a war would wipe out the majority of mankind and that then life would be a real hell on this planet for humans and animals!

  3. Steve Escobedo if us went against russia india would join russia or not join at all

  4. Reality551 says:


  5. sandeep pai says:

    i pray for the god world war should not happen , It leads to death of thousands of people.the dispute between the nations should solve between them self 

  6. Ratex HD says:

    This is impressive. But I truly believe every county has a right to build an army to defend themselves. And India will soon become the top world power, that said I do not think they will abuse their power as the USA has done so many times in the past.

  7. Grey Shadow says:

     Забавно, что практически всё вооружение русское :3

  8. Lumix861 says:

    What is this ? we always Exaggerate, thats the problem. india is growing, but its a slow growth.Those who always compare, should work on taking back Kashmir or Nepal first before talking about Pakistan or China. China is far too strong, always "proved" to be. When you look at ancient Chinese map, they are geographically increasing in size, while as India is just shrinking. Crap, even Mongul empire was better than this current governments, at least they had control over India, the whole cake.  

  9. Kishor Malik says:

    Jai hind jai shree ram jai Hindu rastra

  10. If there will ever be war, then India will remain neutral.

    And if any war is provoked then East countries will make an alliance to defeat Western alliance.

    Russia had aided India too many times.
    India will be with Russia in War.
    Russia will be the peace keeper between India and China in their Alliance.

    The World war 3 will look like this-

    USA & NATO  vs  Russia, India, China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil and Pirates of Somalia.

    The West are outnumbered as fuck, in military power and Tech.

  11. Rakesh Sinha says:

    yes we can now fuck all superpowers us or china or russia etc,you people should sell your females to indian we have uncut dicks to produce labour force by fucking them

  12. Jotu Singh says:

    If india will continue this fucking ministers india will only ruined but if we one man who has the power we can became a super power like russia in cold war but whit not a comunist system

  13. Brother pls relaunch this video again with sound track…

  14. For God sake. India is not ready for any kind of war. Half their population hasn't even got toilets. They're just as shit as Pakistan at the moment. India is trying to grow it's economy , not go to war. And if they're smart enough they would know not to Attack Pakistan. Currently their are only two countries ready for war. The United States and Russia. The rest are insects. 

  15. you guys do no that the Indian army is so powerful that Pakistan and china are afraid to attack Nipal. 🙂 so India i basically protecting Nipal

  16. bohot badiya..faso

  17. India have nothing to do with ww3 we are safe

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