Infanticide – What happend to our common humanity?



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  1. Coltranized says:

    Careful—don't feed into republican rhetoric.

  2. yellowgroove says:

    come on now… be cool.

  3. @Coltranized

    I dont think in terms of democratic/republic/communistic etc. Those divisions are just in the mind.

    I look at the person, what they say they stand for, and what they actually propose and support in the end. Thats who they are, not what they say they are.

  4. @yellowgroove

    I'm cool,… are you cool?

  5. yellowgroove says:

    @DefendYourFreedom yep, i am and i love this vid…

  6. @yellowgroove

    Ok,.. just wondering. If people got something against this video, i happily hear their complaints and look into it.

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