Inside story – Is Denmark’s plan to curb the refugee rights justified?


Denmark has long been seen as a champion of openness and tolerance. But that reputation is looking shaky. The Danish government, like some other …


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  1. The only obligation of any country taking in refugees, is to treat them with compassion. Refugees should be very greatful to all countries who are accepting them and stop demanding all kinds of legal rights.

  2. Kris Driver says:

    As long as the people are free to leave the camps, what's the issue? They're making aid efforts more efficient by having camps to help shelter, health-care and education of migrants in citizenship limbo. Money seized, if used entirely to support refugees, seems like a lesser evil than being bombed back home. In fact, for their efforts, refugees should offer to volunteer to help out in appreciation if the citizens are facing mounting costs and over crowding a small country. Devil's advocate

  3. Helen Lomas says:

    paganpoet3 I should have clarified..Of course I know that it's UK and US that I meant. What I'm saying is that there is no leadership any more. All is chaos. I assume your use of capital letters is to shout. …and I don't blame you. We need leaders whose main interest is not in selling arms to Saudi Arabia, among others. I can't find your comment BTW.

  4. BEN REDARES says:


  5. kurtilein3 says:

    Going on rape and theft sprees, temporarily overwhelming law enforcement, will get a response. The minority of peaceful muslims has to suffer based on what the majority of psychopath muslims does.

  6. Please tell me how confiscating a family heirloom from refugees are supposed to help anyone?

  7. Ira Plebis says:

    human rights lmao

  8. 24jh42 says:

    20000 refugees yes. But net migration is 50000+ people to a country with a population with 5.6 mill., is not the real issue. Denmark has very few low wage manufactoring jobs. They stopped competing with China and south east asia in the 1970s.
    Despite what others believe, the country is capitalist and the number of government jobs is plumenting, so a refugee needs to be attractive for a private company to get work. The nation can and does give shelter, food, clothes, education, health care and job training. But it can not guarantee refugees real jobs. Non working groups of people in puplic paid housing areas is a problem for everyone.

  9. i'll take mexicans over muslims anyday. greatful to live in u.s.a.

  10. B1ik3h2o says:

    These are not refugee's. They are invaders. They are practicing hijra. Jihad by immigration. They should be met with machine guns. Not teddy bears.

  11. Tracy Wood says:

    turn them back -…………………………… too late !!! now you have to exterminate-you have killer cockroaches!!!!!

  12. Tracy Wood says:

    they dont care about your rights !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tracy Wood says:

    their lands are being freed -go home !
    no muslims are good -prove it !

  14. TheDAT573 says:

    Yes!!! Every sovereign nation has the obligation, the right to determine who to allow in their country and who to kick out.
    Denmark certainly has the right to clean its country of anyone that they do not want in their country.

  15. Jon Mapa says:

    It is brilliant. They should send them all back, though.

  16. Its funny to me that THIS is the problem for you muslims….

    You should REALLY be upset, at how many muslims would CHOOSE to live in a country like denmark, where it is LEGAL to draw muhammad, and women have EQUAL RIGHTS!

    How can you tolerate that? The muslim migrants are basically saying that secular western europe is better than ANYTHING the entire muslim world has to offer..!

    Think about it!

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