Insurgency: World War II ► German Beachhead (Full Match)


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20 Responses

  1. Blue drake wants Red Orchestra style vehicles.

    I want Red Orchestra style PTSD

  2. FULL AUTO INTO THE ENEMY!! opens up the mg …. empties magazine….gets one shot … fucking hillarious

  3. Sgt_4alex says:

    I love DOI mod. Honestly they should make this mod a standalone game with vehicles and huge scale battles.

  4. -NocTurN- says:

    Those German MGs are sound amazingly horrifying

  5. Lol are those the day of defeat models?

  6. 18:43 That's what men call happiness LeL

  7. why this beta servers only in EU and USA, why no asia?

  8. This game is on my must have list now. Only if my laptop could run it(i3, intelhd 4400, 4gigs ram)

  9. Caske11 says:

    How do i get this mod, i have the game.

  10. Imsohyped II says:

    i will not be able to play the modern version of the game again

  11. Santa Six says:

    People dying in this game looks brutal. The best, or in some case, the worst I've seen. It really hits you that someone just died. Kudos to the programmer.

  12. Alberto Diaz says:

    Hey I was playing with you i was Dinero! Don't know how much footage you got of me but I had a blast.

  13. Insurgency Day of defeat edition

  14. this through workshop ?

  15. Jason Ivea says:

    oh fuck I cannot wait to play this
    anyone have any great servers I can play on with this mod?

  16. Phillip Wu says:

    ayyyyyyy bluedrake has been verified!

  17. zahid can says:


  18. 李柏毅 says:

    What's the MODs name?

  19. c4blew says:

    This gives me some serious Resistance & Liberation flashbacks! Man, I hope the R&L-game makes some good progress with UE4, I really loved that HL2 mod so bad!

  20. Amazing kill… wow 🙂 11:14

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