Investment firm hires COMPUTER as new boss to sit on board of directors


A business investment firm have hired a new boss – and it’s a COMPUTER.

The advanced program, developed by UK firm Aging Analytics, has been named Vital and will vote on huge company decisions such as whether to invest in a business or not.

It uses a highly complex data system, known as an algorithm, to crunch business numbers from financial information to the amount of property owned and previous funding.Investment firm hires COMPUTER as new boss to sit on board of directors


Vital (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) will be working for medical company Deep Knowledge Ventures, which specialises in drugs for age-related diseases.

It will sit as an ‘equal member of its board of directors’.

Deep Knowledge’s senior partner, Dmitry Kaminskiy, said: “The prospect for utilising this approach in portfolio management is very attractive.

“We were attracted to a software tool that could in large part automate due diligence and use historical data-sets to uncover trends that are not immediately obvious to humans that are surveying top-line data.”

Sir Alan Sugar

You’re hired! Could future Alan Sugars be replaced by machines?

But Professor Noel Sharkey from University of Sheffield told the BBC: “On first sight, it looks like a futuristic idea but on reflection it is really a little bit of publicity hype.

“A lot of companies use large data search to access what is happening on the market, then the board or trusted workers can decide on the advice.

“With financial markets, algorithms are delegated with decisions. The idea of the algorithm voting is a gimmick. It is not different from the algorithm making a suggestion and the board voting on it.”


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