Iran in crosshairs as nuke report due

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Tensions are once again mounting against Iran ahead of a crucial report by the UN nuclear watchdog, IAEA, due next week. Meanwhile, Israel has tested a new ballistic missile.

­Some reports go even further and suggest the idea of a military strike on the Islamic Republic is being pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And British media say that with Iran remaining resilient against international sanctions, the attack could come as soon as next November. Various media cite the UK Ministry of Defense and Whitehall as their sources.

The US and UK officials, on the other hand, have been quick to deny they are seeking a military confrontation with Iran. Statements were released by spokesmen from both sides following media reports of a potential armed operation aimed at Tehran’s alleged nuclear weapons facilities.

However, they did say the West has no intention of easing pressure on the Islamic Republic and would use what is described as the “wide range of means at their disposal“.

The likes of the US and Britain are expected to seize upon the upcoming IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program. It will reportedly reveal new intelligence on the country’s alleged nuclear arms development.

Meanwhile, Iran is planning to complain to the UN about US involvement in “terror operations” against Iran. According to the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, documentary evidence will be presented by Iran’s UN envoy to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in New York later on Friday.

“The US is employing terrorism to promote its objectives,” said Saeed Jalili, as cited by Itar-Tass. “We insist, on the basis of irrefutable evidence, that the US is the prime suspect and the main participant in activities that violate human rights. These documents show the provocation and the United States-sponsored terrorism.”

Jalili stressed that “the American dream to return to Iran did not come true,” before adding that the Islamic Republic intends to sue the US and is going to officially ask the UN “to take necessary measures to prosecute and punish the US government for directing terrorist activities.”

On Friday, a senior US military official told Reuters that Iran remains “biggest threat to the United States and to our interests and to our friends” in the Middle East. Still, the anonymous official added he did not believe that Iran wanted to provoke a conflict.

International consultant and author from Buenos Aires, Adrian Salbuchi, says these threats are nothing new for Iran, while still posing a significant threat of a large-scale international military conflict, or even world war.

This has been going on for more than four years now, these permanent threats against Iran on the part of Israel, who are calling for a preventive strike – that’s what Prime Minister Netanyahu said only two days ago,” Salbuchi told RT. “I think we have to be very cautious and basically understand that what Iran is – [it] is the cornerstone of what probably is an ongoing very tough negotiation to move forward towards the world government, where Russia and China are not going to bow very easily to Western powers and Iran is the cornerstone.

The author believes that such threats drive the world closer to what might become a fully-fledged international conflict in the region. Should Iran be attacked by Israeli, American, British, or a combination of all three forces, the world war is highly possible, Salbuchi concluded.

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  1. DDearborn November 7, 2011 at 9:56 am - Reply

    Clearly this “leak” wasn’t a leak at all. It is just another piece of propaganda whose sole purpose is to lay the foundation for war against another of Israel’s enemies as laid out over a decade ago by the Project for a New American (Israeli) century. International inspectors have been all over Iran for years and found zero evidence of clandestine nuclear weapons programs. In is very important to remember that Israel refuses to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Israel refuses to allow international inspector in to Israel. And it is well documented that Israel has a huge nuclear weapons program.
    And finally it is very important to note that Israel has attacked every one of its neighbors over the last 40 years. Iran has attacked NO ONE for over half a century.

    These are lies. This article is part of the propaganda being lied out by Israel and their US congressional puppets to justify another bogus war.

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