Iran Nabs Top NATO Terrorist With Pakistan Help


By Webster Tarpley

On Tuesday Feb. 23, Iran announced the capture of Abdulmalek Rigi, the boss of the terror organization Jundullah, which works for NATO. The capture of Rigi represents a serious setback for the US-UK strategy of using false flag state-sponsored terrorism against Iran and Pakistan, and ultimately to sabotage China’s geopolitics of oil. The Iranians claim to have captured Rigi all by themselves, but the Pakistani ambassador to Teheran is quoted in The Dawn as claiming an important role for Pakistan. The Iranians say that Rigi was attempting to fly from Dubai to Kyrgystan, and that his plane was forced to land in Iran by Iranian interceptors. This exploit recalls Oliver North’s 1985 intercept of the accused Achille Lauro perpetrators, including Abu Abbas, forcing their Egyptian plane to land at Sigonella, Sicily. But other and perhaps more realistic versions suggest that Iran was tipped off by the Pakistanis, or even that Rigi was captured by Pakistan and delivered to the Iranians.


Jundullah, otherwise known as the Rigi organization, is a clan-based Mafia organization that has long infested the Iran-Pakistan border. The Rigis are traditionally smugglers and drug pushers of royalist persuasion, and now they have branched out into terrorism. Jundullah is mounting a Sunni rebellion against the Shiite Iranian regime in Iranian Baluchistan. They have blown up a Shiite mosque, killing 25, and managed to kill 50 in a bombing in Pishin last October, where their victims included some top commanders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, against which Mrs. Clinton has now declared war. There is no doubt that Jundullah is on the US payroll. This fact has been confirmed by Brian Ross of ABC News, the London Daily Telegraph , and by Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker. Hersh noted that Jundullah has received some of the $400 million appropriated by the US Congress in the most recent Bush-era regime change legislation targeting Iran.

Jundullah is a key part of the US-UK strategy of fomenting ethnic and religious civil war in both Iran and Pakistan. Jundullah is a twofer in this context, since it can help destabilize both sides of the Iran-Pakistan border. Baluchistan has special importance because any oil pipeline linking Iran with China must go straight across Baluchistan. Jundullah’s false flag jihad is a means to make sure that strategic pipeline, which would help solve China’s energy problem, is never built.

There is also no doubt that Jundullah functions as an arm of NATO, a kind of irregular warfare asset similar in some ways to the KLA of Kosovo. Rigi is reported by the Iranians to have met with Jop de Hoop Scheffer when he was NATO Secretary General. Rigi has also met with various NATO generals operating in Afghanistan. Who knows — he may have met with McChrystal himself, a covert ops veteran from Iraq.

Operation enduring turmoil

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This capture comes at a moment when Baluchistan is the object of intense US-UK exertions. The current US-NATO offensive in southern Afghanistan targets Marjah and the rest of Helmand province, which directly faces Baluchistan. Many observers were puzzled when the US and NATO publicized the Marjah offensive in advance. Militarist talking heads like General Barry McCafferty responded that the main goal of the Marjah offensive was not to destroy the Taliban, but to drive them out of the province. It was thus clear from the beginning that the real goal was to drive the Helmand Taliban fighters into Pakistani Baluchistan. Why?

A statement from the Afghan Taliban covered on the RIA Novosti web site suggests that the real goal of the US-NATO offensive in Marjah-Helmand is to attack Chinese economic interests in Pakistani Baluchistan, and especially the port of Gwadar, one of China’s largest overseas projects. If the US can push the Taliban into Pakistani Baluchistan and into the area around Gwadar, they will have a pretext for militarization ­ perhaps through Blackwater mercenaries, who are already operating massively in Pakistan, or perhaps through direct US military involvement in the zone. US jackboots on the ground in Baluchistan would interfere mightily with Chinese economic development plans. They would also allow the US to commandeer Gwadar as the home port of a new NATO supply line into southern Afghanistan, allowing the avoidance of the Khyber Pass bottleneck. The US could also use Baluchistan as a springboard for bigger and better terror ops into Iran, electronic surveillance of Iranian activities, and so forth.

The US and NATO had evidently planned a double envelopment of Baluchistan, with Taliban fighters from Helmand arriving from the north, while the Jundullah escalated their own activity on the ground. Now that Rigi has joined his brother in Iranian jails, Jundullah has been decapitated, and the NATO strategy has consequently been undermined. Iran has bagged a dangerous terrorist foe. Another winner is Pakistan, where The Dawn celebrated the capture of Rigi as “a godsend” and “a lucky break” for Pakistan. By helping Rigi to fall into Iranian hands, Pakistan may have finally found an effective way to counter the US-UK strategy, which notoriously aims at the breakup and partition of Pakistan. The coming Iranian trial of Rigi may go far towards exposing the real mechanism of terrorism in today’s world, with the CIA sitting in the dock next to Rigi.

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6 Responses

  1. Harman says:

    The West is dying economically? Not nearly as badly as the Middle East will once the oil reserves run out. The West is better positioned to weather any economic collapse of any kind than anywhere else in the world, which the exception of China. Hold out for a few more years, and then what? The West won’t collapse after Afghanistan. Nor for centuries more. The power that will replace the Western hegemony will be China if anyone.

    So long as China is strong, so is the West – even if China works with parties opposed to the West. Europe and puny? It was a puny Europe with its’ innovation that essentially ruled the world, and in tandem with the USA – even at its’ weakest point – Europe remains strong today. All this talk of collapse is fear mongering. As for Marjah, the US will not be defeated through martial force, and if political support for the war was stronger in the US electorate, the Taliban would not win this war. It would be bloody and costly but the West would inevitably prevail. Afghanistan has a history of resisting foreign powers, but has only succeeded against them with external assistance. The US covert support against the USSR for example.

    If the intervention forces fail it will not be because of the “superior might” of their adversaries, but the lack of support in their own body politics.

  2. wanderer says:

    Absolutely MASSIVE coup for Pakistan and Iran. See what a little unity between Muslim nations can get you.

    A prized asset of the CIA/Mossad has now been done away with and hopefully remnants of his group can be targetted. I bet the Americans and British are crying in a corner somehwere.

    Pakistan should ally more closely with Iran in combatting destabilisation of Balochistan. Which they’re desperately trying to do but are unsuccessful thus far.

    The West is dying economically, it’s on its last legs. Hold out for a few more years.

  3. Jeddy says:

    I suppose the US thinks it is dealing with native Americans, thinking what it plans will never fail. Asia is where countless wars have been fought, conspiracies hatched – everything that is being done today, has been done for thousands of years. Everything regarding warfare has been experience and countermeasures are already in place. These countries are bigger than puny Europe which fought so many wars and never learnt anything. Just because of a slight mistake of considering them insignificant made them have temporary empires which collapsed soon after they were made. The USA has to plan very deeply and carefully. Right now it is fighting the Taliban in Marjah.Either way it will be defeat. If the capture Marjah, the the Taliban will not disappear, they will regroup and hit back with tremendous violence. This is just a battle, not a battle to end the war.The war will go on till the USA agrees to withdraw.

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