Iran – World War 3 – Israel – Iran Reacts to Israel’s Threat of Military Strike – WW3


leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah says Iran will raze Tel -Aviv ground if Israel launches military attack against the Islamic Republic .


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  5. they cower to that small minority'

  6. mike myers says:

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  7. mike myers says:

    actually you are right, no im not a racist im actually married to a latina, but muslims are not islam and islam is not muslim that is what they want you to believe "they" want you all divided so that when your argueing about who is who they can bring about their evil agenda right under your noses. Please stop fighting amongst yourselves and focus on the real enemy of this world the NWO.

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  10. xvader993x says:

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  11. Gary Seevers says:

    Iran is too stupid to realize America has them in their sights, by land, sea & air. we could completely and utterly vaporize Iran with a press of a button, but we won't because their oil is priceless.

  12. If Israel even tries to attack the Iranian nuclear reactor then Iranian military will bomb tel aviv to the ground and send Hezbollah in to Israel to use axes on all the Israeli civilians and children who survived the bombing…

  13. They wont becauase Iran has not attacked American forces as yet..Nor has Iran been implicated in the 911 attack on New York

  14. Hicham Zine says:

    Wipe Israel off the map, I want the map looking like it did 60 years ago

  15. All nations fall, America will and shall fall one day! Not in our life time but some day it will shortly. I am pretty sure.

  16. zb Cedars says:


  17. thedrivaevo says:

    As a Sunni Muslim, here is my message to Ayatollah, no matter what we are Shia or Sunni the Quran tells us not to split into sects as Muslims we are stronger when we are (one). If we do not settle our differences Iran will fall and thousands of Muslims will loose their lives no matter if they're Shia, it's your choice, their lives are in your hands. We must form one Muslim army…

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