Iran : ” World War 3 may break out ” if Israel Strikes – OReilly Factor (Feb 20, 2012)



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  1. rossann B says:

    @Loonypics there is no bravery in being excited for this war. there is only excitement. It annoys me that the iranians are backing down now though. I was hoping they were going to be the brave ones in this

  2. chefsu11715 says:

    @jarhead0721 Your right about how vile war is. Your idea of Politicians fighting it out is a great pipe dream, but to give ANY credibility to the U N is like handing out speeding tickets at Daytona. The U N is an embarrassment and a joke. Thank you for serving my country.

  3. Luqi Lu says:

    @jrock714 only stupid people would want a war , to fight for people who are in the government ? What a hell 

  4. iambobcromer says:

    You know, Fox gets these "Experts" to talk to and use as sounding boards. This guy is no expert on this matter. Pure Deception.

  5. Oh please… Israel is the problem. 

  6. FARTSALOTist says:

    israel seems to be the 1 to start world war 3 ,,come on how the fk can iran win ,,it suicide for them they will be wiped out ,,why is their such a panic when even the militery says its a bad idea ,shit pakastan and north korea have nukes years now and its no problem ,and all this over a misunderstanding over some lets get together speech in iran saying they wanna wipe israel off the earth witch is bullshit if you understand ,usa israel ,if they do this the world will hate them,makes me sick 2 th

  7. L Bandara says:


  8. If you want another Jewish holocaust, I suggest you do nothing. 

  9. scandalasdog says:

    Funny really . . . . Iran is having a great time with the sanctions they're making everyone else pay through the nose for oil because the sanctions have increased oil prices.

  10. bastaki66 says:

    stay away from Iran

  11. MrOneontop says:

    "Let those who are in Judea flee into the mountains". Is the cataclysm at hand? Signs point to yes. Strange how atheists don't see that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled and are in complete denial of God's ultimate plan. This is why I say unto all "Come out from among them and be Saved" and this saving is only through Faith in Christ Jesus. The rapture is coming soon, most will be left behind to suffer the consequences of their "lack" of belief and Faith in Christ Jesus. High time to gain Faith.

  12. bassman5123 says:

    Iran doesn't have any nukes but so what if they did? (the big bomb actually prevents wars). So they actually need a few in order to level the playing field with those Zionist scumbags. What kind of country puts the Hexagram of Satan on their flag? Zionist Israel! The true sign of the Jews is the Menorah, not the Hexagram. The real Israel was highjacked long ago. 

  13. Modest Mouse says:

    Bill O should be the first one sent to war if Israel attacks Iran. 

  14. Ptr Rex Dano says:

    sooner or later, israel will attack iran so the "domino effect" follows!

  15. Tahir W says:

    Few months back, Bill was strongly advocating war with Iran, what could`ve possibly happened in a few months 

  16. Fouad Semaan says:

    u r tough, cowboy

  17. kstovall111 says:

    Iran would set out to destroy Israel and it provides weapons to sanctions that carry out attacks on Israel. With the nuclear capability Iran would try to end Israel for good.

  18. kstovall111 says:

    War with Iran is necessary by my logic!

  19. Zaid Mousa says:

    It's funny that people actually think that if Israel attacks Iran we will have a World War 3. Israel will probably strike with the support of US, and therefore with support from NATO, and in no way can Iran stand against 28 nations that together form 70% of the worlds military. And also, why would Russia and China risk their destruction, by ally with Iran. Seriously, it will just be Iraq all over again. I'm not worried. 

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