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Iran: previous January 20 2017 the channel secureteam 10 posted a movie declaring that Iranian armed forces experienced tried using to deliver down an UFO.
The movie shows two persons pointing up to the sky even though artillery attempts to deliver down an item with powerful shooting
The movie states how the item begins to maneuver and can make reference to this UFO as a achievable space ship. The movie currently has thousands and thousands of visits.
A lot of of you have sent me this movie, and I have an clarification for you.

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  1. Only original sound please. Is this an opera or something? Shoot it down muslims and they will disintegrate you which is natural of course. These shells and fragments are falling down on people but then they have a chance to come to their Allah down there in the underground.

  2. Sektor says:

    yes because TV said its a drone its automaticly fact.. sure thing

  3. Judi K. says:

    The video at 3:30 shows January 2016.

  4. another great catch by gabehash..I subscribed to secureteam months ago but quickly discovered they were just into sensationalism and not truth. Almost everything they post is fake so I quickly unsubscribed. Gabehash seems to be one of the few channels really interested in the truth.

  5. LOL  secureteam 10,  lately that channel has been putting out some shitty fake vid,  unsubscribe

  6. On the other hand you base your explanation just on information from iranian tv… It is as credible as Secure Team, if not even less…

  7. suzieq says:

    I usually agree with you but not this one. Secure Team 10 does not report these as fact. He allows the viewer to make up their own minds. There are many misinformation sites out there but Tyler is not one. I respect your explanations on most but I don't think this was a drone from what I saw. It was unidentified. It flew. It was an object. So then it IS a UFO! They only assumed it was a drone- there is NO evidence to say either way.

  8. DARRYL SMITH says:

    yes, your correct, it's a
    U- Unidentified
    F- Flying
    O- Object

    Trust me, it had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! to do with a "Spaceship".

  9. if realy ufo exist where are they !? since all this time…

  10. 90 % ufo video is fake

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