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The Event Is Coming Soon – Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

By Catherine J. Frompovich

The migrants were part of a wave of arrivals who came to Germany via the so-called Balkan route. Image Source

Germany is facing a problem with refugees who apparently can’t find housing, as the ‘tent city’ photograph above apparently depicts. According to news reports out of Berlin, thousands of refugees have disappeared off the radar, yet no one knows where they are. Have they gone ‘underground’, as some think, waiting for instructions? According to German prosecutor Irich Scherding, “Fifteen to 20 percent of 18,000 refugees are obviously submerged.” Concern and fears grow that ISIS may be involved in controlling the missing.

A boulevard in Paris, France—Refugee crisis. Source

The refugee crisis in European Union countries apparently is spilling over into geopolitical ramifications insofar as EU member countries now are talking about leaving the EU. The UK’s taxpayers are finding out they will be left paying for student loans by EU citizens, who studied in England but left the country without repaying those loans. What’s the amount? £130 million or roughly U.S. $159,691,956 based upon the conversion rate when I wrote this article.

Sweden has acquired a rather dubious title no one would envy. Malmo, Sweden, is known as the “rape capital of Europe.” The BBC reports, “According to Eurostat, the agency that collects statistical data from all EU countries, in 2015 Sweden had over 162,000 asylum applications or 1,667 asylum seekers for every 100,000 citizens. A large majority of the 2015 asylum seekers – 114,470 – were male, 45,790 of them between 18 and 34 years of age.” [1] A majority of males between 18 and 34 years of age—not families!

However, the following information needs to be factored into the Swedish problem:

The 2012 UN international rape rate comparison showed Sweden to have the highest rate of rape in Europe and the second highest in the world, but the report did not contain data for a total of 63 countries that did not submit any statistics, including, for example, South Africa, where other earlier surveys indicated a very high rape rate. [1]

Italy also has a refugee problem [2].

Greece, too, has a tremendous migrant/refugee problem. According to the EU, there are approximately 60,000 migrants and refugees trapped in Greece! [3] The EXPRESS reports:


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