Is Earth Actually Flat?


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  1. This person should be example for everyone, be free to think, don´t be ashamed, we will obviously never have final solution to this puzzle, but we can be kind people and freely confront our believes and experiences and after that grab a beer or a chai. Love to everyone, respect to the bravery of flatearthers because they are the ones who made evolution of this kind possible. We are all different and that's what makes evolution and development of knowledge, mind and heart possible. Love you ALL

  2. these plant is rent when the gravity exists

  3. Phil Stone says:

    hog shit. – that assumes gravity is centered at the north pole and not uniform

  4. cuzyes says:

    NASA photos of Earth ARE FAKE and proven so. They show a video from a so called satellite from over 100,000 miles away, showing Earth spinning for 24 hours, HOWEVER the CLOUDS NEVER CHANGE!. ALSO, when NASA films their space walks, many times there is an AIR BUBBLE that comes out of the space suits or equipment proving they are underwater, and NASA also made the mistake of showing the shuttle with an open hatch, with some in that hatch with SCUBBA TANKS on their back. NASA's space walks are filmed in a very big pool, with ether a GREEN SCEEN showing a fake Earth, or their is a giant monitor. ALSO NASA has filmed space walks showing clouds below moving THOUSANDS of MILES PER HOUR, which means the animation was accidentally speed up.SO MUCH MORE FAKERY BY NASA, can by found on Youtube.

  5. This video is full of fallacies.

  6. The earth spins fast, it bulges. Spin too fast, get explodinass.

  7. xXaxemanxXx says:

    this is why going outer space should not be limited. human ignorance and paranoia plus delusions. CORRUPTIONS IF HUMANS DIDNT ABUSE POWER WE WOULD HAVE ADVANCED AND HAVE SPACE EXPLORATION BY NOW. NASA DOESN'T GET ITS NEEDS

  8. Jayivee says:

    What about volcanoes and oceans? how could they form if the earth was flat?

  9. Ethan Crisp says:

    remember though gravity is only "theory" have no clue what to believe really

  10. Shadyz says:

    If the earth is flat, it is actualy 2D, because it has a length and a width not a hight. Because its flat. But we are building in the hight now to day.. So the earth is in fact not flat. How would you think about that?

  11. is it me or the title is in spanish?

  12. Shatterverse says:

    Yeah I'm from Chicago. We're all ashamed of Zion.

  13. the reason y its flat becuz earth isnt round but its not flat either…… its still a ball but not a perfect one

  14. hey if the earth is flat where is the south pole it should not exist

  15. Jesus Ruiz says:

    The earth is flat deal with it Thug life shades float along onto my eyes

  16. Jesus Ruiz says:

    If the earth is round why isn't their real pictures of earth from space? Why can't you see curvature at sea?———————-If the earth is flat why hasn't anyone been to the edge of the world?? There's many answers yet to be solved but maybe things you want to know the truth about are better off not heard

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