Is Obama Trying To Cause World War 3 With Russia On His Way Out?


Josh Sigurdson breaks down the recent dangerous development between Russia and the United States as Obama evicts 35 Russian diplomats he deems spies …


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  3. Doug Walters says:

    They want to keep saying hoping it will come true until then
    it is more fake news

  4. when Obama ain't do nothing he is a lame duck but when he do something he looking to start ww3 u really can't please nobody just do your thing Obama

  5. Get It says:

    The 21th of Januari Trump is 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old…. The 7 day theory/2pac hahahahahahhaah!!!!!!!!

  6. It's all to cover up the economic collapse

  7. 8wayspeed says:

    Obuma pushing Soros's failing agenda while he can??? chaos and divide create martial law before the 20th a last ditch effort to retain power???. Putin is laughing at him??? I think it's embarrassing???

  8. Obama is a War monger, Putin is a Real leader !

  9. trump and xlinton are both globalists, real change isnot achievble

  10. Real Name says:

    obama is a muslim extremist terrorist that somehow became president of a country he seeks to destroy

  11. hilary lost the election herself….she lied too much about her email….she is a poor security risk…..put the blame where it belongs.

  12. Mark Casey says:

    ya but if war happened bye bye YouTube hope trump can stand up and do the right thing . where at a point like ww1 and ww2 where there was to many people in the world . so ww1 started and same with ww2 … I hope notting happens . good video

  13. magnus4g63 says:

    Obomber is just another puppet, war comes if the elites deem it prudent to their position. Peace aka anarchy to you guys:) happy new year

  14. Nick g says:

    Disgusting Kenyan terrorist monkey

  15. DanC AlanB says:

    why tf can't Russia just chill for a few weeks? Is Putin that stupid to fall for Obama's bullshit or is that fool in on the whole thing too?

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