Is U.S Preparing For World War 3?


With increasing tensions with more geopolitical rivals , the military-industrial complex of the United States is preparing for war 3. NWO World News : ? Http : //www.nworeport


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  1. 1woodmonger says:

    Yesterday i saw a news post saying that LA California Airport is not allowing any air-flights above the Pacific because (very non-defined ).. Army is doing something. – just something to check out. I found this link on titled: Secret Military Maneuvers over the Pacific. I also found a link saying " Fox2now has a topic from yesterday called: hundreds report seeing unidentified flying object.

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  3. fracking religious nut bags

  4. Qronos16 says:

    Awesome. This video had over 18,000 views this morning. Google took all the views and now the video is at 2,456!! LMAO This is censorship at it's best!!!!!

  5. Amit Gupta says:

    Plz tell whats music name at 2:01 ???

  6. Jaco Jonker says:

    world war 3 is coming tnx to the anglo american regime.

  7. John Coffee says:

    you cant stop the people finding this stuff out google!….things are coming out faster than you can stop it. Is that really so?….4th test this year.Russia say they did one over Norway and blamed a failed missile attempt.My arse the Norway spiral was a missile

  8. After war world 3 God is coming

  9. John Tellez says:

    war, war never changes…

  10. Mr. Magista says:

    After the French terrorist attacks. War seems inevitable

  11. November 13th 2015. The Paris Attacks is When it started…..The Start Of WWIII 

  12. what happend yesterday people repair ww3 is coming

  13. vi5ion says:

    Well it's here now

  14. TENSR says:

    world war 3 confirmed look what happen with franch yestraday

  15. Yea yea… well then let it be if it happens what can we do about it, I don't buy into this spooky language bullshit there would be no benefit for ww3 it's gonna end up a nuke fest anyways if they tried to come invade us and take over nobody wins in these situations.

  16. Killa500bro says:

    World war 3 started after the terrorist hit France

  17. World War 3 is possible. Stuff is going on with Iran and Russia and a bunch of countries currently, so right now could be the prewar.

  18. john fear says:

    Lets hurry to vault 101

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