Is World War 3 going to happen in 2017?


Vladimir Putin warned about a possible word war 3 at the St. Petersburg International Forum, 2016. what does this mean? will there be a war between American and Russia in 2017?

The first ww3 was supposed to be the war that ended all wars but that did happen because world war 2 happened and it caused chaos in the world.

even though many steps have been taken since the end of ww2 to prevent any future occurrences of a worldwide war, it has become clear that with the current state of the world, a ww three is around the corner.

However, there have been many misconceptions spreading online and scaremongering has become very popular on youtube. the world is going through turbulent times especially because of the USA reforms under president Donald trump but a ww3 is not just going to happen out of the blues.

China and Rusia are the two major countries that may start a war with the US, but thanks to trump’s victory things are going to be different.?

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