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  1. Inigo says:

    This is my first video, so any feedback will be more than welcome! I hope you like it!

  2. I don't know how You found Me on twitter, but Thank You! Great video production btw. I haven't made a video in a while but here's My feed back: Be Yourself. I see the Vsauce influence and that's awesome, but make Your Own style. It feels forced at times. Everyone feeds off of Their influences and that's great, I tried to vlog like +WheezyWaiter , +Rob Scallon , +Charles Trippy , +Hank Green , +John Green, +SHAYTARDS ect. Just be You and have fun! Strange comment, I know, but just relax a bit. What editing software do You use? I only have Windows Movie Maker and it Sucks! No Hate towards You or the Channel, I subbed and will look forward to more of Your Content. Good Luck with the Channel and if You ever want to Colab let Me Know!  

  3. World war 3 starded after 9 11 14 yaers now that dis war is going on

  4. Ahmed Irfan says:

    I like you video, very informative!. However, just a friendly advice, try to differentiate yourself from Michael Stevens of VSauce, visually the video seems a lot like a VSauce parody.

    Otherwise, kudos!.

  5. Well, if ww3 or 4 is happening. We might die ._.

  6. Inigo, great video, thank you.

  7. Auri Negro says:

    La tercera guerra mundial ya se inicio y es un guerra especulativa, con EEUU bajando el precio del petroleo, los rusos y los chinos devaluando el dolar, EEUU poniendo trabas a las restauración de deudas de países en desarrollo. En cuanto a la guerra nuclear, no creo que lleguemos a ese extremo pero si vamos a ver mas "ucranias" y "sirias" eso es seguro. Lo que mas me asusta son los cabos sueltos como las bases aereas estadounidenses en sudamerica, y Putin y China dando vueltas en el hemisferio sur. Deberias hacer tus videos en español me di cuenta que sos de España… ya hay demasiados en ingles y la verdad que se necesita bastante medios alternativos de información en español. Saludos

  8. coojsta69 says:

    The way I see it the cold war really never ended
    Nuclear armed submarines still do the patrols Land based missiles are still primed and ready to go
    Billions of dollars in the upgrading and inventing armaments has never stopped
    The only hick up the cold war faced was basically economic warfare took top priority instead of actual physical war
    As of recently both russia and America have returned to openly display the hate that has always been there meanwhile china has been sitting quietly building our toys and building a massive army
    The people of the world really need to get off there asses and remind the politicians that even if nuclear war was winnable (which it is not) it would still be classified as genocide on a mass scale and whoever presses the button 1st should hang from a tree immediately
    Simply because the majority of humans don't want to see there children suffering from radiated future !
    As for these maniacs in charge they seem to be fine with bunkers and fallout shelters packed with food toys and water for them
    Pretty fucking retarted isn't it 

  9. ese iÑigo|| como va todo?? no me esperaba encontrarte por aqui jajajaja
    el video mola y lo explicas bastante bien, pero estoy de acuerdo con los post sobre el parecidode vsouce…pero muy bien    un abrazo fuerte!!!

  10. Me Gusta says:

    Great video! :D

  11. Hey nice informative video!!! I actually cover the same topic. Feel free to check it out. It is called What If… WW3 happened. Feel free to subscribe as I did the same!!!

  12. Interesting way to look at things. You don't want to scare people to get clicks but you really inform the viewers and make them think. Nice vid!

  13. Oneshot says:

    Is it just me or this guy is kind of like VSauce.

  14. Pew Blast says:

    A world war is when the superpowers go to war and include with them smaller states

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