Ishq Junoon – Official Movie Trailer | Rajbir, Divya & Akshay


Presenting the official movie trailer of an upcoming Bollywood movie Ishq Junoon. Actors : Rajbir, Divya & Akshay Producer : Anuj Sharma & Vinay Gupta …


20 Responses

  1. total bullshit bc bhen ka loda director gandoo

  2. rjsonny says:

    sunny leone's MOVIEs better than this …..

  3. wow Bollywood movie suck dicks

  4. pura india khaarab kar diya is traha k film concept ne

  5. john mark says:

    Now bollywood dont have any movies to make except sex exploitation. Jaha dekho waha bus sex exploit kar rahe hai. Yaar please make some meaning full movies. Not just sex exploitation films. Yeah to bacho ku b 10th std mein sikha rahe hai ap log yeh sab batane ki zarurat nahi hai. Make some stuff like Hollywood action, Adventures, Sci-fi Movies where our generation can develop.

  6. thank you for loving both of us???

  7. 11th nov 2016?? ???

  8. Shreya Joshi says:

    ……why…. Smh -_-

  9. Totally bad movie.. total time wastw.

  10. Anand Sharma says:

    Still a better love story than Twilight

  11. KAPIL SHARMA says:

    Bullshit Trailer… Model-Body-Sex
    This Is It…. No Acting only Porn Porn. Remove This Content YouTube

  12. kya bakchodi h ye
    porn bna die h threesome walli :P

  13. Pritam Maji says:

    iss movie may bas 3 cheez hai…

  14. Uttam Thapa says:

    copyright movie of nepali movie chappali height

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