‘ISIS far smarter than we give them credit for’ – McAfee predicts cyber war


Islamic State has quote ‘unprecented’ support within the United States according to a report released by the George Washington University. This comes as …


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  1. Very naive talk there.

  2. Not enough they all have Russian weapons and many are Russian citizens, now they have Russian air support as well!!

  3. John has been around a long time, and knows what he's talking about. We do need to quit spending all over the world to police all the other countries, and start fixing our own country!!.

  4. he is totally right. Americans did a lots of killings around the world now American people are suffering. one more thing politics brought them in their own country to kill American people so it's up to you to decide. no hard feelings.

  5. Brother Wise says:

    Bullshit. There are always going to be an opposition to something or some one. In this case we have an enemy who will try to pass off as a normal citizen. no matter the plot, it must be guarded against. Look at my email and texts…. the company that provides me the services already does. I't not like my business is a secrete mission. If a certain privacy is expected, fine. But not when it comes to electronics, and public safety.

  6. terbu lans says:

    He is right… America played as world police and created all problems..finally own people suffering..:…

  7. Mark Sieczko says:

    Cybersecurity is a smokescreen to cover up the Gov'ts, Banks and corporate dirty dealings rather than to safe guard citizens.

  8. Dogapart says:

    Hummmm…seems like more smartest Americans start waking up this days. Keep waking one by one for world peace and give peace a chance.

  9. I am an utter staunch Catholic. If you can look at the faces of little girls crying and feel no sympathy, then there is something wrong with you. You are a sociopath. This has nothing to do with religion. Nobody has a right to do what is wrong.

  10. envy nine says:

    ive been feeling thew same way for some time now. we are responsible for terrorism. this is what they meas by jihad, a holy, a justified war.

  11. Moronic warmongers from U.S and Russia.

  12. TroenderTass says:

    Stop blaming America for this bullshit. The middle east has brought this on them self since the day of dawn. They have allways been a bunch violent surpressing savages that have been in conflict with eachother for ages. We can not just turn a blind eye to that and let the dictators and savages do what the fuck they want just because it's out of western territory. Sure, USA got civilian blood on their hands, but that's what happens when a significant number of people from these part of the world is a real threat to freedom and democracy in the rest of the world Don't blame that on anyone else but them self. They are responsible for their own backwords culture, religion and retarded mindset that never get them anywhere other then being bumbs of the earth and blaiming the west for their missery.

  13. goodolzimm says:

    But, but it's for your own good. They need to know what toilet paper you use so you can be safe. Cmon people you can believe them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yikez89 says:

    I hate your random updates McAfee

  15. JJoneEIGHTY says:

    Who the hell uses McAfee?

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